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Oct 23, 2007 11:54 AM

Good food in Bensonhurst/Ocean Parkway area?

I just moved to West 6th between Ave O and Ave P, and was wondering what some good nearby spots might be? My wife and I are open to pretty much any type of cuisine.

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  1. You should try David's for good Israeli food. There falafels are excellent. Located on Kings Highway and about E. 4th.

    There's also some hidden gems on Ave. U and West. 6th. What's left of the old Italian hood of Gravesend is confined to those few blocks. Joe's of Ave. U is near McDonald.

    Dairy Made, on Ave U and W 4th? has great fresh pasta.

    You're also not to far from L&B Spumoni Gardens, 86th St. off of W. 6th.

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      CICCIO'S Pizza on Avenue U has their crunchy sesame-crusted pies...a rare treat in the slice world.

    2. You may also want to check out La Palina which is in walking distrance from you on avenue O. Great Italian place.
      There are a few good bakeries. You can try the Italian one on 292 Kings Highway near west 6th and there is a pretty good kosher one called the Cake Center on avenue P near East 2nd street. Their rainbow cookies are really good.

      1. Monte's Deli and La Palina on Avenue O.

        Djerdan Burek for Albanian on 23rd Avenue, there are also a few small Albanian markets around there. Net Cost Market on 65th street for Russian.

        Los Poblanos has decent Mexican on Avenue P by the F train. I don't think much of the Ecuadorian place on the corner.

        Ortobello Bay Parkway has good Italian. A few blocks away is Rimini Bakery.

        For pizza there is Cafe Europa on 65th street and Lenny's on 86th street.

        El Cerrito on McDonald Ave has decent Salvadoran.

        Gino's Focacceria for Italian on 18th avenue.

        I often travel to John's Deli in Gravesend for their roast beef hero.

        There are many places on 86th street between Stillwell and 18th. I enjoy the Polish place by 18th, I noticed a new Malaysian place opened by 23rd that is always packed, there are a couple good Vietnamese places on 86th as well.

        I live a few blocks away from you, welcome to the neighborhood!

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          Thx for all the suggestions. La Palina sounds great, gets pretty much across the board thumbs up online. Sesame crusted pizza sounds like a train ride waiting to happen...