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Oct 23, 2007 11:31 AM

San Diego Zoo

Hey I am headed to san diego just for the day, for a cruise- we are going to the zoo- any good recom. for places to eat around there? Thanks

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  1. I wouldn't recommend eating at Balboa Park- most of those places are tacky tourist traps. The last time I was at the zoo I ended up going to the Linkery- it's not super expensive and has a lot of micro brews- perfect for a after a long day in the sun observing animals. The food was tasty. (I didn't have any of their sausage options, which seems to be a big thing for them)

    Just a thought though- you may want to stay away from San Diego while the fires are raging out there.

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      Sorry, forgot to add a link for the linkery- if you want to peruse their site.

    2. We go to the zoo quite abit... If you dont want to drive and juts hang out there are three ok options.
      one is Alberts at the zoo. The food is ok here,nothing spectacular,, but sitting outside by the waterfall with views of the zoo,pretty fun.. and sooo convenient!!
      Next is in Balboa Park.. Cafe on the Pado.. Again the food is fine here.. better than Alberts.. sitting on the patio is very nice. Nice view..Inside a bit crazy on the weekends.
      Waters Catering runs a place outside by the art museum. The food here is very good and they have a nice patio.

      1. Um, all of the animals have been evacuated from the zoo which is under threat from fire.

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          Did they close the zoo too? I thought they just closed the Wild Animal Park. But regardless- San Diego is not a good place to visit right now. The traffic alone must be awful.

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            no the animals have not been evacuated..(wild animal had some) the traffic isnt bad at all.there is no one on the streets... the weather is just very smokey and not good to be out at all..

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            The WAP was evacuated and is closed; the Zoo is technically still open, although if you're coming in from the north or out of town you may have trouble getting to it. And there's the whole thing of trying to conserve electricity and keeping major highways clear.

            If you do end up at the Zoo (to OP) during your cruise stop, Albert's is pretty good for food and is in the park, as I'd imagine you might be pressed for time to get back to your ship? It's pretty much the only place to go for something other than a burger or hot dog. If you have more time, you can walk over to The Prado for lunch in Balboa Park. Not the greatest example of dining in San Diego, but you'll be able to find a good meal.