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Oct 23, 2007 10:26 AM

Cheap good eats near 16th and U?

Watching the game tomorrow night with a Bostonian and hardcore Sox fan (duh) who also sometimes likes to eat, when he has time. He put himself in my foodie hands for tomorrow night's dinner. Anyone have suggestions of where to go around there? Ideally we'd like really good food of any sort with ample vegetarian options, and we'd like cheap (15 bucks or less).

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  1. I'd go to Dukem (U and 12th) where the vegetarian combos are all under $15 and just one is probably enough for two people. There's lots of inexpensive places in that area, but that certainly fits your criteria. Oh, and the food is good, too!

    1. How about Tabaq? or Stetsons? Though Stetson's is more burger/bar food.

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        Isn't Tabaq a bit pricey? How about Health Bar in the gym Results or Food For Thought in the Black Cat for cheap and vegetarian? Food for Thought doesn't open until 8pm, though.

      2. How about Busboys and Poets? They have a little bit for everyone and I believe quite a few vegetarian options.

        Another option would be Coppi's (will certainly have veggie options. You can also try St. Ex but that might run a bit over $15.

        If you want to head up 18th St. in Adams Morgan you can go to Amsterdam Falafal and get yummy falafal and fries on the cheap.

        1. What about L'Enfant...Salads, crepes, sandwiches, and entrees for a reasonable price. They also have some good wine too.

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            Oooo good call. I certainly would add L'Enfant to the list. I love their sugar and honey sweet crepe and their nicoise salad. Add in the fact that they have a good beer list and you've got yourself a nice, relaxed, non-pricey meal.