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Lunch in Tribeca?

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  • jodiz Oct 23, 2007 10:23 AM
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I'd appreciate recommendations for lunch in Tribeca. I'm meeting with a friend but we're discussing a possible business venture. So I'd prefer it to be on the quiet side and that we are not rushed. We're open as to fare; thinking $30pp. Thanks.

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  1. Max just opened an outpost in Tribeca. Haven't been there yet, but the EV original is fantastic and very reasonably priced. Walker's is another good, reasonably-priced option.

    1. Turks and Frogs, Greenwich St b/w Watts and Desbrosses. Food is quite good, it's quiet and never crowded, especially at lunchtime.

      1. City Hall on Duane Street....great food.....you can sit in a quite corner of the bar for hours