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Oct 23, 2007 10:12 AM

Munchies smorgasboard

What do you all make when you get the munchies?

Doing a lunch time birthday party for little BB2 and his best friend. Somewhere along the line, the invite list got out of control so now looking at about 100 people 50/50 split 5-year-olds and adults. The theme is Scooby so want to put out a spread that speaks to that munchie-feeling so many of us have experienced -- while keeping it all child-friendly.

Thoughts so far -- 6 ft long ham sandwich, cheese puffs, dogs in a blanket, corn chips.

Want the adults to have fun eating -- as well as the kids.

All thoughts totally appreciated man.

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  1. Well, maybe this is more for after the 5-year-olds go to bed, but there's a very tasty drink called a Scooby Snack that is pretty popular in the bars where I live. It's equal parts Midori melon liqueur, Malibu rum, and pineapple juice, and a dash of half-and-half. It's shockingly green (very Scooby) and very tasty. I wonder if there would be a way to make a non-alcoholic version as a punch?

    As far as munchies food goes, I'm a big fan of quesadillas. Just couple of tortillas and some shredded cheese and any kid will be happy. I usually have different toppings (sour cream, salsa, etc.) which could please the adults.

    1. Make all sorts of flavoured popcorns. It's super easy and quick, esp. if you have a microwave (don't use the microwave popcorn - get kernels and pop them in a paper bag).

      Make Tater Tots with a tomato dipping sauce (from a jar, if you want.)

      On the sweet side, make something with chocolate - either choc chip cookies, brownies or choc haystacks. Make 'em bite-sized.

      1. Mini pizzas (sometimes we set up a small make-your-own pizza bar)
        Pigs in a blanket (loved by kids & adults)
        Fresh cut veggies with dip (gotta get something healthy in them!)

        1. A mini-hot dog bar w/ chili, cheese, onions, relish, ketchup, etc.

          bite sizes fried mac and cheese bites


          I'd avoid anything that you'd put a big bowl out for, like chips, because I've seen kids reach in grab a handful, take bites and then put them back. Actually, any type of buffet style w/ lots of kids bothers me since parents don't pay attention and I've seen kids do some disgusting things. I'd serve things either in containers or on skewers that you just pick up and walk away.

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            Good point about kids and bowls, chowser! I have made cheese cubes that I poked a hole in with an ice pick, and then inserted a pretzel stick as an handle. And good old chex mix. You could put individual servings in little dixie cups. Or you could do like they do at a buffet and put up a sign that says "No children under 10 allowed at buffet without an adult." LOL!

            1. re: danhole

              Those cheese cubes w/ pretzels are always a hit. Great idea w/ poking the hole first. For this, you could cut cheese w/ a mini-bone shaped cookie cutter as a scoobie snack.

            2. re: chowser

              Thanks for all the good suggestions and thanksChowser for the reminder about the nastiness of kids and buffets. But would want to be careful w/skewers around this age range. Mac and cheese bites sounds intriguing. How do you do that? Also loving the bone-shaped cheese and pretzel idea and individual-serving Dixie cup thing. A make-your-own pizza bar would be brilliant for a smaller party -- but worry with the numbers on this one it could get a bit out of control...

              1. re: bite bite

                Ina did a very kid friendly dish just the other night. Chicken tenders on popsicle sticks.

                1. re: bite bite

                  I've only had the mac and cheese bites out and not made them but if I made them, I'd probably make up the Best Recipe's mac and cheese, let it cool in the refrigerator. Scoop, dip in egg, dredge in flour/breadcrumbs, fry.

              2. grilled cheeses - you could do it on the cocktail bread they sell at the store, and bake instead of grill so that you can do a whole bunch at the same time.

                ...cocktail weiners - everyone's right here, cuz everyone loves 'em.

                ...brie en croute - adults like, some kids likely will

                ...what about cocktail meatballs? my mom makes sweet and sour meatballs that everyone loves

                desserts: if you are going to make cookies from scratch, maybe make them into sticks instead of rounds for interesting-ness?

                and chocolate covered pretzels. kids could even make them at the party - melt the chocolate(s) and set out the toppings for them (coconut, mini m&ms, crushed peanuts, etc). pennysticks work great.

                ditto popcorn idea. yum. but with the kids and bowls idea, put them into little brown bags for kids to take? that might work!