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Oct 23, 2007 09:49 AM

Good eats near Blythedale Children's Hospital?

I'll be down at Blythedale for a few days attending a conference and would love a quick and great place to lunch and spend time with friends from work. Any suggestions?

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  1. Mughal Palace in Valhalla (across from the train station) has a nice lunch buffet and I think it's the best Indian in the area (or at least the most consistent).

    1. I did a search recently since my BFF's baby is there right now,
      I haven't been here yet, but saw good things about it here on C-Hound...

      Also if you do a search on this board of Valhalla quite a few threads come up.

      1. Just an update on Valhalla... B-4 Bistro was there and everything was nice, with lovely ambience and a nice break from the hospital setting. I couldn't find the other other restaurants that people had recommended in the past: Iron Horse, Pony Express, Sunrise (Sunshine?) Deli. Have these all closed or was I just unable to find them?

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          Iron Horse and Pony Express are in Pleasantville, not Valhalla.

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            Did you try Mughal Palace? It's right down the block from B4. Did you go to B4 for lunch or dinner?

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              Wanted to try Mughal Palace but my timid dining companions would not appreciate what looked like would be an excellent lunch. Went to B-4 for lunch. European in feel, great pumpkin soup, price ok not too painful. A very cozy lunch.

          2. Its been a couple of years, but I did my student teaching at Blythedale Children's Hospital School and I'd occasionally eat in the hospital's staff cafeteria. It wasn't fantastic, but it usually was better than any cafeteria food Ive had anywhere other than the south. The service staff is friendly and helpful and the prices are very good. There are some nice seats near the big picture windows.

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              Westchester Medical Center and the Maria Ferrari Childrens Hospital next door both have Au Bon Pain. It's not gourmet food but it's better than your usual fast food. Down side: you'll pay $3 for parking unless you get it to go and can get in and out within 15 minutes (or have someone else sit in the car and you don't enter the lot).