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Oct 23, 2007 09:44 AM

[Charleston, SC]

I'm going to be in downtown Charleston, SC for 4 days in early November and am interested in sampling some of Charleston's top-of-the-line restaurants. I'm especially interested in a few spots for romantic dinners or late night suppers with my sweetheart. Any suggestions?

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  1. well if you really want top-of-the-line then here you go.

    I can't really give you a place by place review as I haven't been to some in quite a while, but I know they are still good as friends and family members have gone and keep telling me how good they are.

    Oak- steak restaurant on broad street
    Penninsula Grill- Great food and they have a website!
    Grill225-Never been myself but I only hear great things. They have a website also, and they are the only place in town that serves 100% USDA Prime steak
    Cypress, Fig, Slightly North Of Broad-great place for lunch, are all located within viewing distance of each other on East Bay st and all have great food check out their menus and pick for yourself. There are plenty more let me know if you would like more suggestions I'll just have to think a little harder, these aren't normally my types of restaurants just because they are quite expensive. Good Luck.

    1. Thank you so much. Your list will give me a great start. I'll search for reviews and check out the ones that have web sites.

      1. My folks live in Charleston and I visit often. Definitely go to Grill 225. Penninsula Grill is also a top-line place. S.N.O.B. has lost some of its lustre. I hear good things about FIG and Cordavi. If you want something a little more down market, Jestine's Kitchen is well-reviewed for its authentic Southern food (what we call a meat and three). Also, there's Fleet's Landing. The owners converted the old Navy pier into a restaurant with some of Charleston's best water views. It's be a good place for a casual lunch or weekend brunch. It's not fancy, but it's not a crappy tourist trap either.

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          We just got back Monday from Charleston. We ate at McCrady's (very upscale with excellent service) and self-toured the old building which was fantastic, if you don't eat there just stop in and have a drink and walk around the back and upstairs. Magnolia's was very good. But my favorite leisurely fun meal was Meritage, their menu is all tappas and excellent! I thought Jestine's was ok, would not recommend. Had a nice lunch at Fleet's Landing. Enjoyed the view from the Rooftop Pavilion bar. What a fabulous city, can't wait to return.

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            Yeah, it seems Jestine's is going downhill based on recent reviews. It's a shame. Wonder if the owner's coasting on her reputation now?

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              Thanks so much. This has been a great help.