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Oct 23, 2007 09:42 AM

Socko's party subs?

I'm thinking about ordering some party subs from Sockos in Westwood and wanted to know if any chowhounders have ordered from them before?

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    1. I love Sockos I think their Don sandwich and the turkey sandwich are awesome. I love the bread its nicely chewy and tastes really fresh. I have not ordered the party subs before but I'm sure they are great.

      Thanks for helping with my lunch plans. I'm gonna head over to Sockos today.

      1. I was the OP of the thread that is linked, and I truly hope that Socko's has gotten its act together. But as I wrote at the time, they just could not deliver a sandwich as ordered. The big problem seemed to be that the manager-guy taking the order was not the worker making the sub, so additions or more important disliked items either were missing or unexpectedly appeared -- sorta lost in translation.

        My disappointment with Socko's led me back to that old standby, Sepi's. Their large subs are almost twice as big as the regulars at only a couple bucks more, making them a really good value. Their bread is much crustier, meats sliced a bit hardier, and toppings appear and taste much fresher rather than mass-sliced and sitting. I would definitely go with them over Socko's.