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Oct 23, 2007 09:27 AM

Dinner for 10 near the Hilton Washington

We need a good spot for dinner, not too expensive. Probably $200 for the entire bill, and preferably within reasonable walking distance of the hotel. We're a very mixed group of palattes (some people are adventurous, some are burgers and fries people) so nothing like pure Spanish food or anything like that. I've never been to this area before, so suggestions would be great!

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  1. There's lots of options in the area.

    I would suggest the upstairs area at Mark and Orlando's. They have a mix of American food on the menu and the upstairs menu is very reasonably priced. Great food and a little soemthing for everyone. You can also order off of the downstairs menu. This is on P Street a short walk from your hotel.

    Another option would be Bistro du Coin. It's a french bistro, but the less adventorous will be happy with their hanger steak or roast chicken. I would call ahead though and see if you can make a reservation since you have a larger party. It can get a bit crowded there.

    Also nearby is Sette Osteria, a nice Italian restaurant with pastas, entrees, and pizza. If it's nice out you can always sit outdoors. It's reasonably priced and I've eaten there with large groups many times.

    If you are looking for good bar food nearby I would suggest checking out Biddy Mulligans. It's an Irish pub but the food is actually really good.

    You can also head up to Adams Morgan and check out Bourbon. You will want to call ahead to make sure they can fit 10 people...perhaps on their outdoor patio.

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      i cant imagine many places in DC you can get away with $200 for 10 people, there is a Johnny Rockets in Dupont Circle, that might work, Or another chain like that in the area.

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        I have been kind of stuck on that combination of 10 people and $20/head too. Raku is good and close, inexpensive, Napolean might be able to do 10, that is on Columbia Road, there is El Tamarindo, but the food is not that great. I will keep thinking.

    2. 200 for 10 people- I don't know if that's a realistic budget unless you go to Johnny Rockets (as another user wrote). This area is at least 20 a head for a decent place.

      Actually you may be able to make it work at Moby Dicks. It's certainly got wonerful food. Nothing fancy but it is worth every penny. Has stuff like chicken kabobs, falafels, hummus. I highly recommend the Kubideh. Around $10-12 a head.

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        Actually you might be able to get away with $20/person at Vapiano on M Street. And the good thing about Vapiano is that its perfect for groups since each person gets their own card with their bill on it and come check out time you don't have to divide anything up or share a giant bill.

        The pasta is decent enough and they also have pizza, salads, and a full bar.

        Might be a good alternative to the pricier Sette Osteria and other restaurants in the area.

        1. re: Elyssa

          If you dont mind taking the metro another idea might be Union Station. They have a pretty large food court with restaraunts for any tastes. Like burrito brothers, B. Smiths and on and on.

          1. re: x_otikchef

            B. Smith's is not in the food's a sit down restaurant and will certainly go over the $200 bill for 10 people.

            1. re: Elyssa

              Sorry about that one, I actually havent been to B Smiths yet, My co worker told me about the being there, I have eaten at some of the other places in the food court though.

      2. Other people are recommending the Dupont area so I assume that is where this hotel is. I know you have some less adventurous types, but Zorba's in Dupont is greek and it might fit the price limit? Although they don't have the best ambiance you can push tables together upstairs (it is seat yourself) and probably meat your budget. I think they have a website you can check out.

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          This is a good idea. Should be within your budget

        2. It's not fantastic but I had a decent meal at Otellos in Dupont Circle -- it was an impromptu gathering of about 24 people and they were able to handle it without a reservation.