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Westside Indian Food

I am starting to get more into Indian food and really enjoy it. Are there any places in Santa Monica/Brentwood/Westwood that are good? Anything that is authentic and delicious is awesome. Thanks in advance.

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  1. for brentwood, i would highly recommend tantra's india's oven on wilshire and barry. they are located on the 2nd floor of the city of hope building.

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      I believe Tantra no longer owns India's Oven. About a year ago, I placed an order for delivery, and it was awful. Not the same tasty India's Oven, and totally different food, including throwing in bell peppers in the curries. I was really bummed, as India's Oven was my favorite place for Indian food delivery, and was always consistently good.

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        they actually got a new chef this year and the food is pretty darn good. i work across the street in the world savings (now wachovia building) and they are my go to place for dinner when i am buring the midnight oil.

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          When did they get a new chef? I ate there I believe in May and found it mediocre. I work in the neighborhood and hate everything in the immediate vicinity-- it is the worst culinary wasteland I have ever seen.

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            my co-worker mentioned that they got a new chef @4-6mo's ago. not exactly sure on the actual timing though.

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              I ate there last night and found it pretty good. Wasn't the best Indian I have ever had but was pretty good and I would go back again for sure. Definately in the top 5 I have been too.

    2. Your two best bets would be Nawab and Akbar, both on Wilshire.

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      1. Jaipur, near Westwood and Pico, but on the west end of Pico.

        1. I like the All India Cafe on Santa Monica and Bundy. I'm not an Indian food expert- but we go there for lunch a lot and the flavors are good. I used to go to the India's Oven on Wilshire and Barry too but stopped- isn't there another India's Oven, maybe on Westwood? I thought I saw one.

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            Yes, there is an India's Oven on Westwood, just south of Santa Monica Blvd., east side of the street. It is mediocre.

          2. Second the recs for Akbar and Jaipur. Akbar is my go-to for all-around great Indian food. Jaipur I like for the weekend all-you-can-eat buffets (probably inauthentic and blasphemous I know).

            A bit further, but I love Annapurna in Culver City for south Indian -- dosas and all-vegetarian. Delicious and the only south Indian I know of on the westside. For takeout, India Sweets & Spices serves some mean samosas.

            1. When you get the chance, the better Indian food L.A. has to offer is outside of the westside. I recommend you read "losfelozhound" 's post on what is good out there:


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                And one other comprehensive previous thread that ought to be of use in your search:


              2. Any thoughts on Bombay Cafe? I hear it is more Americanized than usual, but delicious.

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                  Bombay Cafe was good 10 years ago, but I think it has really gone downhill. I had the worst lunch entree there the other day for $18, which isn't exactly a cheap lunch (or at least not for me).

                  Avoid the tandoori shrimp like the plague -- four overcooked shrimp in a tasteless sauce. Came with an overdressed soggy salad, a hum hum potato pancake, rice, naan (they must think people are carbo loading to run marathons) and some okay cauliflower (actually the best part of the plate). I do like their chicken soup, though, which I ordered a la carte for something like $6, which together with the $18 lunch entree made it an extremely expensive lunch (and so not worth it).

                2. I really like Nawab on Wilshire, which is the rare Americanized Indian place that doesn't confuse "spicy" with "hot". They're also one of the few places in LA that uses the right kind of cheese in the saag paneer, which is probably my favorite dish there. I'm also partial to the simple chicken curry. The only downside is Nawab's atrocious customer service. They're always trying to nickel and dime me on deliveries, pushing me to order food I don't want because of a "minimum" that fluctuates with each call.

                  I also like All India Cafe, where the guys are *much* more friendly, but mainly for the chicken tikka masala. Avoid the saag paneer at All India Cafe at all costs -- it's inedible.

                  1. I love Akbar on Wilshire. The food is simple indian fare, but quite tasty. The service however is some of the best I've found anywhere in LA.

                    I also really like Bombay cafe. Not as much as Akbar, but still quite good. It's a little more expensive and way more Americanized...but who cares if it tastes good.

                    Akbar Cuisine of India
                    2627 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90403

                    Bombay Cafe
                    12021 W. Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90064

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                      We've always had good luck at India's Tandoori on Pico Blvd. near 26th Street in Santa Monica:


                    2. If you are willing to go a bit further west, Akbar on Washington Blvd in Marina Del Rey is fantastic. I drove by it for years (used to live in the neighborhood) and finally went once when our friends chose the dinner location. It was so good, we went back 4 weekends in a row.