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Oct 23, 2007 09:17 AM

Organic Eggs in Calgary

I'm looking for a place to get organic eggs in Calgary with the dark yellow/orangey yolks. Call me picky, but I love those yolks. Right now, I'm using the organic Omega 3's you can buy at Co-op, but would like other alternatives out there that are perhaps not as pricey. Thanks for all suggestions!

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  1. I usually pick mine up at the farmers market (all of them have them) when i buy them in town. Prices vary - from $3.50 for large dozen, to as much as $4.75 for extra large.

    The best bet is to find a actual farmer out of town - egg's run about $1.50-$2.00 a dozen and they are as fresh as it gets. My friend picks up extras whenever they head to their cabin saving me the trip.

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      Thanks yen. I find at the farmer's market they are inconsistent re: dark yellow/orangey yolks. I used to by them up at Amaranth, but the lady quit her egg business to raise her young family full time.

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        Nod - i've noticed that too. Though a high volume place (like Sunworks) usually have pretty fresh eggs, as they turn their stock over quite often. Of course, they happen to be the most expensive as well.

        We tried the eggs from Sylvan Star this weekend (because they were cheaper), and they were ok, but not great.

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          Yeah, I've tried them before and was slightly disappointed. Thanks for all your help, much appreciated.

    2. I was going to suggest the PC Organics eggs but they too aren't consistent with regard to yolk colour...and probably not less expensive than Co-op.

      I've been curious about sourcing more local food, so when your question came up I did a query and found one Calgary based egg producer listed on >> Premium Organic Farms: Paul and Sheila Schneider 403-235-6000

      Hope that helps :-)

      1. The eggs Bob the Butcher (Second to None) carriea are the most expensive in town and for a good reason.

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          we have been eating the safeway organics, again pretty good. I will have to look closer at yolk color from now on. they are about 4.50 as well.

        2. I tried the organic eggs from Grazin' Acres at the Calgary Farmers' Market. I liked them, and the price was OK.