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Oct 23, 2007 09:06 AM

Birthday Cakes in Providence, RI?

What are some good bakeries to order a birthday cake from? I don't need it to be too fancy schmancy... just delicious!

I already know of Pastiche and Lasalle... Any reviews on these two? What about on any others?

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  1. Wayland Square Bakery is good and decently priced. And if you get it from there, you can tell everyone that you got your cake from the same bakery that made the Kennedy's wedding cake!

    (Their angel food is amazing...)

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      1. We always get our birthday cakes from Gregg's - I love the chocolate cake, not Death by Chocolate, though that does have its devotees.

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          I'll second the chocolate cake at Gregg's. The other desserts look fantastic too, but I can never bring myself to try anything else because the chocolate is so good.

        2. We LOVE the cakes from Scialo Brothers on Atwells. If you like vanilla, that's definitely the way to go.

          1. LaSalle Bakery. Every b-day cake (kid or adult) that I don't bake myself comes from LaSalle. Consistently excellent, fun decoration (anything you want, but if you let them do their thing, they're not fancy, but very cool looking w/streamers, etc). Love them. And they run their business the way I wish everyone did----personalized service, uber-friendly (but not too too), just totally solid.

            I schlep from the east side for it (and on the day of a kid's b-day party, this is not always easy) and beg them to open on the east side, and they say nevah. Their other stuff is excellent too----fruit tarts, best pizza strips (so I hear---I don't like pizza strips, but I've served them at every kid b-day party where food was not included and the adults go crazy for them), just everything.

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              Speaking of strawberry "shortcake", I just tasted a phenomenal one at a birthday party from, of all places, Whole Foods. Not really a shortcake, more of a simple white cake, but really delicious. Who knew?