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Oct 23, 2007 08:40 AM

Help - Where to eat around Wales-Holland-Monson-Palmer area

I recently moved to Wales, MA (don’t ask why) and was hoping for recommendations on great places to eat in the area. I love all types of food, so I welcome all recommendations. I have a family of 4 so nothing too fancy. Thank you very much!

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  1. I grew up in Wales. I've since moved to Providence, but I get back to the area pretty frequently. There's REALLY not much going on there culinarily speaking. I'd recomend driving the fifteen minutes to Sturbridge for something decent.

    People in the area seem to like The Thai Place, but I think it's as inauthentic as possible and just okay tasting. I also think it's pretty expensive for what it is, but perhaps the remote location makes ingredients harder to find and more pricey.

    I think Enrico's makes the best pizza in Sturbridge. It's right on Route 20 and has pretty good salads and other menu items if you're not a huge pizza fan. The ingredients have always been top notch in my experience. Good for a family.

    Inside one of the mill buildings, there's a cafe called Soup to Nuts which has been there forever. It's nothing fancy, but makes great quiches and soups. It's pretty family friendly.

    Cook's Orchard in Brimfield is great for baked good, apples (duh), cider and the like.

    My parents now live in Palmer, and for the life of me, I can't find anything remotely chowish there. I mean nothing. Same with Monson. I think it's Sturbridge or bust for you.

    P.S. Don't swim in Lake George! :)

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      Thanks invinothereverde, I thought Lake George looked alittle funny. Thanks for the recommendations. I think I will try Enricos first. What are your thoughts on The Public House and/or the Bake Shoppe in the Public House?

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        I actually worked there for a few years (a long time ago). It used to be the only game in town, and they really had their act together. The food was so-so when I worked there, and I've heard it's only gotten worse since. They were bought a few years ago and much of their formerly house-made items are now from Sisco. Also, it's very, very expensive for the low quality of food.

        My favorite things from the bakery were the key lime tartlets and all of the fruit tarts. I don't know if they're still made on property, but they probably are. The best creme brulee I ever had was from the PH also, so inquire if they still have it; you'll love it.

    2. The Danger Zone

      Doug Danger, world record holder of the longest motorcycle jump ever, 251 feet, owns and runs this biker friendly bar in a little back road town of Warren, Ma. The food is good, people are friendly and always ready to party!

      1. I live in Palmer and we actually recently just got two good to great restaurants in town. They are located in Three Rivers, one is off main street a bit, the name is Pinocchio's (used to be in Amherst, moved here) and it has good to great Italian food... I love their seafood pasta dishes and their sweet and sour calamari is incredible... the other is called Mangoe's Cafe and it is right on main street. The owner I believe is from the Caribbean and he deals with Caribbean inspired food and flavors. Everything I have had is incredible, he makes most of his sauces, dressings, etc by hand, the fish and chips is some of the best I have had anywhere in my life, and he hand makes his special bananas fosters as well.... believe me, I'm just as surprised that we have two great restaurants in town, there was none forever

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          Pinocchio's moved to Three Rivers? Excellent. Their food really is quite good. Thanks for the heads up!

        2. Avoid the Public House, and avoid Salem Cross Inn: both are expensive and the food is not very good. The Ugly Duckling upstairs at the Swan is usually reliable, but not the fine dining downstairs. Annie's Country Kitchen in Sturbridge is family oriented, good plain fare, and of the main spot locals go, especially for breakfast. Enrico's is quite good, and the chinese buffet in Sturbridge...Empire Village? Is cheap and quite edible. Unfortunately we lost the Peking Chef, which was the very best chinese food in the area. I haven't tried the replacement, Dynasty, but I would love to hear if anybody else has...

          1. You're also not that far from Stafford Springs, CT.,which has John Henry's Restaurant on Rte. 190. There was a fairly recent post on here saying that it was good, but I have not been there yet myself.