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Oct 23, 2007 08:33 AM

Excellent cheese plate/selection for birthday gal

My friend loves cheese and for her birthday I want to take her someplace nice with good (resasonably priced) wine and amazing assortment of cheese. I was at Gramercy Tavern the other day so I'm talking on that level. They had an amazing, unique, and lengthy cheese list. This is not dinner. Just two women trying out interesting, exotic, and tasty cheeses. Please don't tell me to go back to Gramercy Tavern because the service was terrible. Bar Veloce and Carrerra are also out. I don't really like their selection and would like to try something new. Anywhere in Manhattan. Sitting at the bar of a nice restaurant is also an option since we are essentially eating dessert, but I would prefer a wine bar that specializes in their cheese selection.


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  1. i'd say inoteca

    nolita house has a small but decent cheese & wine selection, but is much more laid back... if you want different, you might want to check it out. (and their mac & cheese!)

    1. Grape & Grain is a small, cozy wine bar that also serves food. We tried their cheese plate once, and were impressed. They served it with a raisin bread and a homemade plum or prune jam. I think the menu says "up to 5 selections," so it's not extensive, but I got the idea that it rotates. You could call to see what they have right now. The wine list, however, is more extensive, and they often have special bottles listed on a board.

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          I would second Otto. While they don't have a very extensive selection from which to choose, they have the most amazing accompanimenti served alongside the cheeses. Really fantastic. And I believe these change seasonally (I've gotten different items when I've gone there at different times of the year). And I think Otto has a wonderful (and huge) wine list.

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            yes otto, and according to how early/late it will be, why not artisinal?

        2. Artisanal, hands down. I know some people bash the place but I have never had anything but great expeirences there. Cheese and wine flights, fondues, get what you like to go when you are done from the cheese counter, they know thier cheese...

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            Artisinal seems like the common-sense choice for a cheese flight.

          2. Celeste has an amazing cheese platter. Costs about $30. You get small tastes of 15 - 20 wonderful, complex and unusual Italian cheeses matched with condiments. The owner will give you descriptions of all the cheeses. He imports them himself. Some of them come from his family's properties in Italy near Rome.

            Celeste has no atmosphere and is crowded. No reservations. Try to get there before 7 PM to avoid a wait for a table. Cash only. The rest of the food is good too. The cheeses are special.