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Oct 23, 2007 08:18 AM

Salem for Halloween

My friends and I are going to Salem for Halloween and we would love to know some of the great places to eat. If you don't mind, please specify the prices as low, med, or high. I would love a great sandwich (b/c as everyone knows Texas doesn't make sandwiches like ya'll do) and delicious pizza. But any variety of food that is really good be sure and list for us.


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  1. I've posted these recommendations before, but since I was just in Salem last week I feel comfortable recommending them again. The Old Spot near the Peabody Essex Museum has good pub fare, with the ploughmans lunch being my personal favorite. Great place to hang out and enjoy a few drinks, prices are in the mid range. Finz near Pickering Wharf is a little more expensive, but I love the water views and the raw bar. Try the Rasberry Stolie Wasabi Oysters $13.99 for 6 or go with the seafood assortment which has 2 regular oysters; 2 stolie oysters and 2 shrimp. They also serve lobster mac & cheese, perfectly golden fried clams and a great baked stuffed lobster.

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      I heartily second the Finz rec. I admit I have had a few misses there, but overall for the view and the (mostly great) food, it is really a fine place. We had our wedding reception there, and my guests still talk about how good the food was. The staff is also very nice and the room is really nice. The oysters are always fresh and delicious and they make a very good mignonette - in my mind - key to the oyster experience - must use a good vinegar - and they do!

    2. In A Pig's Eye is also a friendly, casual place nearby the museums:

      1. The first thing to consider is if you are here for halloween night or Friday, Saturday or Sunday evenings previous is that there will be so many people that almost all eateries will be jamed packed. Make reservations or otherwise you will be out of luck.

        Cafe gulu gulu - Unique and good sandwhiches and beer. med $
        A new upper crust is just next door - Haven't tried it yet high$
        Taste of Asia is pretty good, also next door. med $
        Rockafellers is OK, I find both the food and especially the service lacking. low-med $
        Cafe Gratziani - Itilian, excellent reccomnded - low $
        Bella verona - small place very good italian- low $
        Passage to India - reccommended - med$
        Beer works - Infested with familes and young kids, service poor, not reccommended - low$
        finz - nice if you like seafood - high$
        Victoria Station - med$
        Capt's - Serice can vary High Dollar
        pigs eye - service poor IMO, med$
        witches brew - service can vary but the food is good, low$ to med$
        Cilantro - excellent reccomended for mexican high$
        Cafe Jaho - good coffe house fair med$
        Grape vine - fancy italian, it's OK IMO, high$
        Both Hotels downtown have pubs, both are pretty decent, med$
        Front st coffee house -Popular with the younger cafe crowd, I don't much care for the food. med$
        Borther Deli on Derby across from beerworks - Pretty good food, but adds up fast, lines can be long - med$
        Thai in the walking mall, pizza in the walikign mall - poor not reccommened

        1. Thanks for the responses. I am going to print these out and take them with me. Is the Mexican food restaurant really an authentic restaurant? I've tasted Salsa from the north and it tastes more like marinara than salsa. Of course, you guys have the sandwiches, pizza and seafood there so everything can't be perfect.

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            oops, still forgot the lyceum which is a nice place sevice is decent and the food is good, kinda expensive though.

            Also boston hot dog is there as well, southern slaw dog is my favorite.

            Ben a jerry's right there as well.

          2. Grapevine is a medium-priced restaurant but yummy food.
            Also, to experience a nice New England place with working fireplace, head into the Hawthorne Hotel for at least a drink. It is right where all the action is.
            Also, if you like consignment stores and finding lots of unique things, head into Witch City Consignment Shop on Essex Street in Salem - right downtown.
            Welcome to Boston, y'all. Have a wonderful experience in Salem, You will see such neat costumes.

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              I can't judge if Cilantro is authentic but my wife says it is.

              Oh there's the Edgwater Cafe which is a Salsa and chips kind of mexican place, i was not impressed at all by the place.

              Also I'd be somewhat remiss is I didn't mention the best burger place in Salem, Major Magleashes, which is also a dive bar kinda place. Just up the hill on lafayette street and across the little park.

              There's Strega as well, not related to Boston's Strega, I never actually eaten there though I have tried to a couple of times. I've heard that the drinks and the pizza are good, and they might not be as snooty as they started out.

              There's also somekind of Jamaican or similar ethnic food place just up lafayette from Wendy's. I've heard decent things about them but have never been there.

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                Point of clarification: at The Hawthorne, if you want the New England fireplace, head for the Tavern (not Nathaniel's, the white tablecloth dining room). The NYTimes said recently that Salem during October is like Times Square on New Year's Eve. Be prepared; enjoy. Good luck.