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Oct 23, 2007 08:18 AM

Squash + Microwave = ?

I have a cheap grocery store across from my office and want get more produce into my work diet. Can I take, say, an acorn or a butternut squash, cook it in a microwave and have it come out okay?

If so, what is a good cooking time?

And lastly, I don't have any cutlery here... would the cooking soften the skins enough to cut them with a good old ridged butter knife?

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  1. I cook acorn and butternut squash in the micro all the time, at home. I halve them, scrape out the seeds, slighly oil the whole thing and place it cut side down in a pyrex (or similar) pan. Some fork pricks around the outside, and cook at high for about 5 minutes. Then I check for softness. Adding more cooking time as needed. The cooked squash would be easy enough to scoop out with a spoon.

    WHat you will need a decent stable sharp knife for is in cutting thr squash in half first. You can bring one from home and leave it in your desk.

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      I poke holes in the squash w/ a sharp knife first and microwave it until soft enough to cut fairly easily. Then I cut it in half and do as you do.Cutting the squash in half is hard.

    2. The microwave is my usual way of cooking squash, too. Roasted squash is great, but who has the time (and who wants to fire up the oven for one squash)! Check the cheap grocery store and see if they have any cheap knives to keep in your desk.

      One reason people often complain about the quality of microwaved food is that they don't take the time to let it rest properly. For high water content foods, you really need to stop cooking before it's completely done and let it finish cooking for a couple of minutes out of the oven. For lower water content foods, you need to let them rest and reabsorb some of the water/steam produced during the cooking process. A microwaved potato won't be soggy if you cook it al dente and let it rest!