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Oct 23, 2007 08:02 AM

Favorite Wine Shop?

Ok, so looking to branch out from the normal places to stock up on wine for the holidays (Esquin, DeVine, Tarragona, etc)

Any thoughts?

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  1. My favorite spot, along with Esquin, is Pete's in Bellevue. (Note that the Seattle branch is much smaller with limited selection). They have a broad selection with an empahsis on NW wines, and they also specialize in small production stuff that often doesn't make it on the shelves. And as much as I love a neighborhood shop that stocks a case or 2 each of several clever selections, Pete's volume allows them to trounce most local retailers on price (this is not too say its Costco; it has similar pricing to Esquin).

    I have also heard that Ballard Market is good, but I haven't been.

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      I've always been impressed by the french selection at Champion Cellars on Denny. Emile, the owner, is very knowledgable. The prices may not be the cheapest but they have the best selection of Bordeaux splits i have ever seen.

    2. The Wine Outlet is one of our favorite places to shop for wine. The original location is in SODO but they just opened a second store on Elliott.

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        Crap, you beat me to it =) I love the Wine Outlet too, tho, if you're looking for something *specific*, it isn't the place to go. It's definitely the place to go if you're looking for something new.

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          Any suggestions on Wine shops in Portland. I usually just pick up my wine while I am shopping at the market, but I know there has to be some good wine shops around here somewhere.
          Has anyone been to the little place off hawthorne?

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            I just visited the SODO Outlet for the first time, and I am a big fan. They had like six bottles open on a sunday for tasting. Apparently, the place is owned by a wine writer from the P-I, who buys overstock or other unwanted lots from retailers and resells them at a discount This is not say the offerings are spoiled or undesirable, just that they tend toward more obscure wines that are not as marketable toward novices. There was alot of German reisling, roses, and a few greek bottles. I picked up a very clean and pure Saumur (Cab. Franc) but I am most excited about a Chassagne-Montrachet (one of the foremost white burgundy appellations) that they were tasting, a $50 bottle they were selling for $29.

        2. If you like Spanish/Portuguese/South American wine, the selection and service at The Spanish Table are excellent. Both Catherine (their buyer) and their staff (Juan in particular, iirc) have recommended some terrific bottles for me in the last few years, in a wide price spectrum (low and mid-to-high).

          1. I love Tarragonna but I have been buying wine for years at Leschi Mart ... great selection and easy shopping.

            1. I absolutely HEART a little place called European Vine Selections, on 15th on Capitol Hill. There's a little sign in the window that says it ll ""No Wimpy Wines." Small but well-curated, and with excellently descriptive handwritten cards about every bottle. As the name suggests, it's mostly Euro stuff. Very homey. You'll feel like a beloved regular after a couple of visits.

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              1. re: slippek

                No Wimpy Wines is the slogan for Ravenswood. I wouldn't necessarily call that a good thing.

                1. re: vanillagorilla

                  Good point. That slogan suggests to me (and Ravenswood generally produces) lowest-common-denominator, high alcohol fruit bomb with pop-tart finish.

                  Still, its probably unfair to judge European Vine Selections based on a hand-me-down slogan alone.

                  1. re: equinoise

                    I wouldn't judge them solely on that. But, they're going to have to work harder to win me over because of it.