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Oct 23, 2007 07:58 AM

HC does Rome: gelato

My favorite part of Rome--gelato!
--Gelateria di Joe, Campo di Fiore: funky, friendly, and pretty good. Pistachio was a standout.
--San Crispino: absolutely delicious. Concord grape, raspberry, valrhona chocolate, very nutty pistachio. Interesting fruit flavors. I didn't miss the cones, but others did. Best of all is the San Crispino location at Fiumicino airport.
--Gelateria Aracoeli: chocolate fondante was the deepest, darkest chocolate of all. Just don't ask for a sample/taste. No samples!
--Giolitti: dozens of flavors, with brusque service & hordes of tourists. The fruitti di bosco was outstanding, loaded with fruit.
--Alberto: coconut was the star here, full of fresh-tasting grated coconut.
--Gelateria della Teatro: our favorite, hands down. Ricotta/fig/almond, crema della nonna (pine nut caramel), pear/caramel...a wide variety of fruit flavors/milk-free flavors. Seemed to have the most interesting flavor combinations.

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  1. Hello Celeste,

    I do also like Gelato very much and I would like to know full adrress and location of Gelateria del Teatro(??). Are you sure about its name? I live in Rome and I must try it!!

    My favourites are:

    San Crispino (both location at San Giovanni and near Trevi, never been to FCO so far)

    Via della Rotonda 22 (Pantheon)
    try the Sicilian style stuff called cremolato

    Via Cola di Rienzo 103 (not far from Vatican)

    Via Principe Eugenio, 65 (not far from Termini train station)

    Thank you!!


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    1. re: antoniob

      Gelateria del Teatro: Vicolo di S. Simone 70, just off Via dei Coronari near Piazza San Salvatore in Lauro; telephone 06 45474880

      1. re: zerlina

        Oh yes now I remember it. I tried it once and I did like it. Small and very clean!!

        Thanks Zerlina

      2. re: antoniob

        Thanks, Antonio...I'm writing your recs down for my next trip to Rome!

        1. re: antoniob

          Hi Antonio. I was pleased to see that you enjoyed Monteforte as well. We tried it during our visit to Rome last year because it was so convenient to our hotel. Given its location, my expection was not very high but we all liked it very much indeed!

        2. IMHO Giolitti better than San Crispino