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Oct 23, 2007 07:44 AM

Alamo S. Lamar bellyaches

Went to see Darjeeling Express last night at Alamo South and was curious about the special Indian menu that went with it. Ordered the samosas to share- the filling was pretty good (but no where close to Clay Pit's, which I crave) but it was wrapped in a wonton wrapper and tasted like it was fried in old oil. Do you know what I mean? It was like it has been used to fry too many other things... There wasn't nearly enough of the chutney (and I didn't get any b/c s.o. hogged it all).

While the samosas were decent enough, the black bean burger I ordered was horrible. I mean disgusting. s/o will eat anything and he passed on it. First of all, the bun was sweet, like a crappy high school cafeteria sweet roll (which was the dinner roll with some corn syrup "honey" on top). WTF? Who wants a sweet roll with a savory black bean burger? What's next ketchup foam and mustard powder? (ha ha, as if Alamo would be that on top of the gastro game). On to the patty: sort of raw, as in the beans had not been soaked long enough and I had to put forth some effort in biting through them. BB veg. burgers should not be tough. Perhaps they don't make their own burgers (and these were freezer burned, leftovers, or found on a curb somewhere), but shouldn't they just throw the bad ones away instead of taking a chance in using it? The fries were definitely of the frozen cheap variety and were cold.

I ate 1/2 of the patty and finally gave up. An awesome $18 (incl. tip) later, I went home and got some real food. Thanks Alamo. I went there with the idea of eating something decent while I catch a movie. And just try to find someone to send it back or complain! At least the movie was good.

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  1. I really can't stand the food at the Alamo. In all honesty, unless it's something special (Like an R. Kelly singalong), I'd much rather go to Westgate or the Arbor.

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    1. re: foodiegal71

      The only food I get there is the chips and salsa.

    2. Only thing I ever get is the Poulterg. pizza. Really good.

      1. I only get the popcorn. i love how it's a little bit burned.........i tried to get some to go one time..... but no can do.............

        1. Man, folks are really to hard on this place. Hell, this being Chowhound, appropriately so. They're not exactly setting the world on fire with their dishes, I agree.

          But they don't totally suck. The puerco guisado is really tasty, for starters. All of the pizzas, especially the pepperoni-focused ones, are pretty decent for what they are. Their steak sandwich is passable. I've had some decent and some sorta crappy burgers there, so I don't know what to say on that front.

          Their beer selection, though, is pretty good. Long gone are the days of DerSchlitzBucket (FOR SHAME!), but you can get all sorts of goodness on their menu. Why not sit back with a pint of draft Hoegarden (haven't ordered in six months, so I'm not sure if they've survived the shortage that has crushed all the other local businesses), or a tasty Dead Guy Ale poured out of a bottle? I'm just getting started: they really have a decent selection, and while the prices aren't exactly "This Way to Cheap Street", they aren't usurious either.

          I do miss the home-fries-covered-in-queso that the old downtown location offered years ago. But tasty brews during a kickass flick? Not a bad deal, y'all. Focus on the suds and you'll have a great time.

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          1. re: tom in austin

            Couldn't have said it better, Tom. I miss those Schlitz buckets as well. I remember when a friend asked me if I was interested in a bucket (I said yes), then he ordered while I was in the restroom. Came back and he had ordered EACH of us a bucket.

            I like their fried pickles and the hot wings XXX as well.

            1. re: tom in austin

              Totally agreed, Tom. The Alamo is great because you can watch a movie with a bucket or pitcher of great beer in front of you. I have had some good pizza there, and a decent burger or two. But the place is first and foremost a beer-and-a-movie place.

              Plus you are watching a movie without the droopy-pants, talking-and-texting-on-the-cellphone punks that invade every other movie theater.

              Enjoy an Independence brew, relax and enjoy a movie.

              1. re: tom in austin

                Tom, I ordered the puerco guisado on your recommendation and agree that it is a nice option. The taste is not going to transport you to your abuela's kitchen, but it is a nicely spiced option when the weather is cooler. What is up with the bad tortillas that come with it, though? Skip those all together.

                1. re: Honey Bee

                  If the puerco guisado wasn't one of the better food items at Alamo, I'd be ashamed to order it on principle for how awful the tortillas are. There's definitely no consistency problem, though; they're always bad.

                  1. re: Twill

                    All right, all right. Lesson learned. I'll stick with drinkin' my dinner at the south alamo

                  2. re: Honey Bee

                    Credit where credit is due: I tried it because Twill said it was here on Chowhound, and I respect his opinion. Turns out, he was spot on: I think it is the strongest thing on the menu.

                2. ordering indian food at a movie theater in austin texas is like ordering a t-bone at ihop. you have to remember where you're dining and order to that establishment's strengths. at the drafthouse, it is pizza, beer, good wine selection too, and more beer, along with kickass movies. to each his/her own, but i favor the sweet bun.