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Oct 23, 2007 07:35 AM

atlanta/vinings: great for a group?

Hi All,
We'd like to do a dinner for Friday night (in Atlanta or Vinings) after Thanksgiving with about 15 people. Any ideas for a good place to go? Entrees should be about $20, and we're open to all cuisines.
Thanks so much...

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  1. Although I've never had dinner there, I bet a fun place for a group (if you call ahead) would be Muss and Turners. Their dinner menu looks really good.

    You could also do South City Kitchen in Smyrna, although it tends to be inconsistent I think.

    Obviously lots of great group options if you want to venture south...Eclipse di Luna, Pura Vida, Baraonda...

    1. I would suggest Garrison's or Soho. Both will have semi private room for you and the food at Soho is divine. I would call now to reserve.

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      1. re: chickstein

        Never been to Soho and not on my radar. What's that place all about?

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          The Chef is Joey Ahn and his food is amazing. Great steaks and seafood and some suprising specials. The wine list in good and JD and Johnny behind the bar make a mean martini. Check it out sometime.

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            It used to be owned by the same folks behind Food 101 and Meehan's. Not sure if it still is. It's good food for the area (a neighborhood spot), but not the kind of place I'd drive to if you don't live in Vinings.

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              I haven't had dinner at Muss & Turner's yet, but have had many memorable lunches there.

          2. My first idea was to mention Muss and Turner's...although my only concern there would be the space for a party of 15. Outside of that, it's a quirky place that is now considering itself a "gastropub" with an assortment of sandwiches, small plates, and specials that would most likely please a wide array of tastes. I always enjoy my meals there...and they have an eclectic wine and beer selection.

            Outside of that, many of the places in Vinings are seemingly inconsistent. South City Kitchen is sometimes good, sometimes not. Blackstone is overpriced for steaks and such. I have not been to SOHO so cannot speak on the food there.

            There is a new seafood place called C&S Oyster Bar (not just oysters, however)...and I have heard mixed reviews of it, as well.

            As others have said, if you're willing to venture out of opens up a whole new set of choices...

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            1. re: runningwithtweezers

              Thanks so much everyone - we are going to try Soho...really appreciate the help.

              1. re: gramercyfoodie

                Post a review once you've gone: I've never been and would like to hear some opinions.