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cheese pairing

tell me about cheeses you've had that have gone particularly well with another food, condiment or drink.

mine for now is wigmore (soft english sheeps cheese) with discovery apples.

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  1. A good blue cheese with the current walnut bread from the bakery across the street.

    1. I like a good, sharp 'table' pecorino with a dribble of honey & bosc pears.

      1. sharp cheddar with apple pie.

        1. Any soft, cream-tasting brie with melon (honeydew, cantalope)

          1. cream cheese (or queso fresco, queso blanco) with guava paste

            1. A strong, pungent, runny, white cheese with sweet white wine. I served a L'Ami de Chambertin, garnished with black berries, with a late harvest riesling. I couldn't imagine a wine better suited to combat with that valorous cheese. It's fruitiness picked up a lot of the nuances of the cheese. I generally don't eat bread with my cheese, but L'Ami's texture and flavour pretty much require it.

              A well aged reggiano with Amarone. Or, try an aged Gouda, four or five years old. It is nothing like the Gouda of our childhod, I assure you. It has the saltiness and flalkiness of, well, a good reggiano. The colour is a little more orange-ish.

              Well aged cheddar and dark ale. Preferably with a hunting dog snoozing at your feet. (I don't know that one could consider a hunting dog's presence a condiment, though.)

              1. --any mild unripened goat's cheese (i.e. the kind that's the consistency of cream cheese) with a good belgian witbier or german hefeweissen.
                --the oldest cheddar you can find with a good IPA (india pale ale)
                --a strong, creamy blue cheese such as a roquefort, served with a strong dark belgian ale, such as Chimay Blue, or Unibroue Trois Pistoles.
                --a rich, stinky triple cream cheese (a good brie might do nicely) with a Belgian tripel.

                1. My latest favorite is Bleu de Gex with a Prune/Pear/Saffron compote that I've been making - with a couple of roasted hazelnuts as well.

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                    OHhh, could you post the recipe? That sounds divine!

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                        Thanks so much, I think I need to make that asap. This would actually be perfect before a family dinner I'm planning for my husband's b-day!

                  2. No one has mentioned cheese ice cream. Edam, cheddar or mahon are surprisingly good!