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Oct 23, 2007 06:45 AM

Quincy area recs?

Anyone have any good recommendations for the Quincy area? Could be a dive breakfast spot or a high-end dinner place. Looking for some good grub while stuck here for a few weeks. Thanks.

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  1. A breakfast spot is easy- the Wheelhouse Diner on Hancock in N. Quincy. Not divey but tiny and homey.
    Nearby chinese includes Quincy Dynasty and East Chinatown. Both good, EC more authentic with a seafood emphasis.
    Searching the board will turn up many more rec's.

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    1. re: joestrummer

      Quincy has a lot of good restaurants. Here are a few I like:

      Wheelhouse Diner

      Cheap and Casual for Lunch/Dinner:
      Alumni Cafe
      Quincy Dynasty
      Tony's Clam Shop
      The Clam Box
      Mandarin King
      Grumpy White's
      Pho Yuen Dong

      Slightly More Expensive, But Still Casual:
      Inn at Bay Pointe

      My personal favorites from the lists above are Tony's Clam Shop (seafood and Middle Eastern dishes), Cronin's (steak tips, bar pizza, burgers), Tullio's (Italian cuisine), and the Wheelhouse Diner.

      1. re: hiddenboston

        Nice work as usual HB. Have you found any good sichuan in Quincy?
        Or steakhouses (besides tips)?

        1. re: joestrummer

          Quincy Dynasty has some Szechuan dishes, though the Szechuan spicy chicken I had there wasn't quite up to snuff. Their scallion pancakes were outstanding, though, and worth the trip for that alone, IMO.

          I haven't been to any steakhouses in Quincy (and no, I'm not including the Outback, though it's not the worst choice for a chain, IMO).

    2. Good job hb. I would add to your list, "McKay's", accross from the Adam's houses. They have terrific breakfasts and lunches, and are open for dinner on Thurs. and Fri. Prices are very reasonable. "Food beyond belief, food beyond compare". BTW, the Adams' aren't home.

      1. This may be a little Asian heavy, but since Quincy does have a high Asian population:
        Little Q for hotpot (more dinner)
        Beni Cafe for "quick Japanese lunch fair" (focus on non-sushi items)
        Crown Royal Bakery for their egg tarts (hot and fresh in the morning)
        Hong Kong Cafe for pretty good Cantonese lunch and dinner (including noodle soups, etc.)
        Punjab Cafe for Indian (r.i.p. Classic India)
        Babycakes for cupcakes

        Not in Quincy but a quick 5-10 minute drive next door - A Lighter Fare in East Milton at the Milton Marketplace. One of my favorite places for a Western style breakfast, without the greasy-spoon feel of a diner.

        1. Let's not forget the Irish pubs in Quincy Center. I happen to like Bad Abbots. For seafood when the Clam Box and Tony's close, there is Burke's Seafood on Billings Rd. They have decent fried clams etc. It's really a fish store with a couple of tables, try the homemade stuffed quohogs. Besides Quincy Dynasty and East Chinatown there is another restaurant Lucky something on Billings Rd. Has anyone tried it?

          1. as mentioned the wheelhouse on hancock street is the spot for breakfast.

            quincy has a lot of two things: bar food and asian food. the fours, bad abbotts, and fowler house are probably the best you are going to get for bar food. quincy dynasty and little q hot pot are both great options for asian. fuji in wollaston has terrific sushi.

            a short jump over to the ashmont grill in dorchester is an option. they have terrific drinks and a good social bar scene. in quincy, alba has a nice bar although their food can be a bit overpriced for mediocre meals.