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Oct 23, 2007 06:40 AM

former chicago chowhound returning for 3-day visit

As a former Chicago chowhound returning for a visit for the first time in 4 years, I am eager to hit old spots and try new ones. My particular interests are Mexican, barbecue, and other cuisines that I can't get much of in Uganda (where I live now), or Boston, my other stop on this trip. My planned ideal itinerary, after reading this board and the LTH forum, is as follows:

Day 1)

Breakfast--Tre Kroner
Lunch--Xni-Pec or Sol de Mexico
Dinner--Katsu or Sunshine Cafe

Day 2)

Breakfast--Maxwell Street Market (will all the vendors be out in the winter?)
Dinner--Jamaican or Peruvian food

Day 3)

Breakfast--Svea/Sweet Maple Cafe/or undecided soul food restaurant?
Lunch--La Quebrada or La Oaxaquena or Restaurante Oaxaca, if it is still around
Dinner--San Soo Gap San, or anything I haven't eaten yet

Snacks: Tamales from somewhere, Spinach pies from Middle Eastern Bakery, Sticky Rice and Red Bean Cakes from New York Bakery in Albany Park

I would appreciate any suggestions, on the Jamaican/Peruvian/Soul/breakfast food front, or any "to die for" restaurants that I should add to this itinerary. I will probably avoid any very far Southwest or far South (except Lem's) restaurants due to time constraints. Plus any very fancy restaurants are out since i have two small and often destructive kids.


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  1. La Oaxaquena is still open at the 3382 North Milwaukee location, but the 6113 West Diversey location was closed earlier this year and converted into a catering and banquet facility under a different name.

    1. Since you obviously have an interest in Mexican food, the one place I strongly recommend is Flamingo's Seafood in Mount Prospect. It's just amazingly creative and delicious, and IMHO way better than Sol de Mexico. (Not that SdM is bad - it's good - I just think Flamingo's is much better, and also its preparations are more unusual.)