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Oct 23, 2007 06:25 AM

Atlanta, Thursday & Friday night

Off to Atlanta for a conference - staying downtown. Good food, good service, good wine. Good deals would be appreciated too.


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  1. My first advice is to do a quick search on this board. The vast majority of Atlanta posts are looking for "good food, good service, good wine" while staying downtown at a conference.

    If suggestions that us Atlantans have posted over and over don't suffice, let us know and we would be happy to offer other suggestions.

    1. There aren't really a lot of good places downtown, but there are a lot of top restaurants a short cab ride away. Look into French American Bistro, Wisteria, Kevin Rathbun Steak and Rathbun's (all have websites). These are consistently rated some of the best in town. You won't find any deals at these places, but you will find all three of the criteria you stated above. Also, you might want to check out the dining collection on They just did an issue on the best restaurants in Atlanta and I know that's online. Hope this helps.

      1. I had a phenomenal meal close to down town (actually nearer VA-Highlands but not too bad) at Repast. Of course the group I was w/ knew just about every one in the place so that might have a bearing but I have heard good things fr/ others so you might give a try to them.

        1. From all accounts - not a firsthand one from myself, however - FAB can be skipped. Rathbun's (www.rathbunsrestaurant) is always a good bet...and its a good choice if you're dining alone or with a group - they have a very lively bar area there. There is a link to Rathbun Steak from that same website.

          A place that has been getting a lot of good press is RARE. It's soul food tapas...and while I think it also has a "lounge" element to it...the food is allegedly good.

          Spoon is a very good Thai place on Marietta Street not far from the Downtown hotels. They have a good wine list, very nice dinner specials at night, good drinks, and a nice environment. Their website is

          I'm not sure where you're staying exactly...but if you're willing to venture over towards the Inman Park area of town, it opens up many more choices for you: excellent Italian at Sotto Sotto and a great spot named Shaun's.

          Let us know where you end up!

          1. During a recent conference in Atlanta we were wined and dined by many reps on expense accounts. Ruth's Chris was a bit disappointing, but it was free to me so who am I to complain? LOL. Another night were were taken to Two Urban Licks and we all loved it! Our hosts ordered a mess of starters that we all shared amongst the table, then we each ordered our own entree, and again we all decided to order all the desserts to share and sample. We were also provided whatever we desired from the bar. The food was excellent, the atmosphere were lively, music wonderful. I will go there again. I happened to see the bill and it wasn't but about $700 or so for 10 of us.
            Ruth's Chris ran nea r$ 3,000. for the 20 of us that night.