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Oct 23, 2007 06:09 AM

Baltimore Recommendation


I will be visiting Baltimore from New York to attend a performance at the Baltimore Opera. I have two questions for the board:

1) Is there an interesting place to eat which will be open late on a Friday evening (as in post-performance?) - It doesn't have to be haute cuisine - a great dinner or pub will do!

2) On Saturday evening I hope to have a great dining experience with price not really an object? Where should I go for a wonderful dinner in Baltimore?


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  1. 1) Tapas Teatro isn't too far from the Lyric Opera House (if that's where your performance is), and I believe they serve their full menu pretty late. It's a solid, enjoyable tapas joint.

    2) If someone offered to take me to dinner in Baltimore "with price not really an object," I'd pick Charleston in a heartbeat. Probably my favorite restaurant in town.

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    1. re: matt8313

      I second Charleston for a price is no object wonderful dinner.

    2. Not sure how late the opera gets out, but the Brewer's Art has lite fare until 11pm. It's close to the Opera and really interesting seasonal food and beers.

      I'd recommend the upstairs bar over the ratskellar.

      1. 1) Dizzy Izzies

        2) Charleston or maybe something like Bicycle in Federal Hill

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          For the second night you might want to try Cinghiale. Owned by the same people who own Charleston, but a fabulous new Italian Place.

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            Cinghiale is still working out their issues, so if you are patient with service you will enjoy.

            1. re: Annapolis07

              Chinghiale's menu also looks somewhat like some of the modern Italian restaurants proliferating in NYC.

        2. Let me join the consensus: after opera, Dizzy Issie's for great burgers and other pub food, Brewer's Art for their house made ales and upscale pub grub (don't leave without trying the rosemary garlic fries). Saturday has to be Charleston, the only place in Baltimore in the same league regarding service and food as Manhattan's finest. Also worth considering: Bicycle, Chameleon Cafe.

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            I love Chameleon Cafe, but I had a great meal at Salt ( in mid September, so I'd consider it.

            1. re: cpfeifer

              Actually, Salt is a good call. I also forgot Timothy Dean which I believe has solved its service issues in a big way.