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Has anyone tried China Town in Cary/Morrisville?

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I saw it just opened last week. It is over by Danny's BBQ and is in the same place as the old Golden Corral. Did not have time for a meal, but did get one of their menus. It seems pretty broad (everything from dim sum to sushi to Japanese bbq), which makes me leery, but was wondering if anyone had tried it yet.


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  1. I just tried China Town's buffet this week (in Morrisville). They have large selection of food. However, I find it expensive for a Chinese buffet on a weekday.

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      I've heard from several people that it's incredibly overpriced, and that the service is less than stellar. A friend who went who is a big Chinese food buff was also very disappointed in the dim sum and sushi - he said that there was very little in quantity and variety for both.

    2. I went to China Town yesterday. Wish i had read this forum before going.
      The buffet is priced $14.99. With the drinks & tip, you ultimately end up paying $20.
      They dont have a huge selection of food as advertised (200 items to choose from), they food tastes bad & not at all worth the money you spend

      1. The only Chinese I eat around here is Jade Garden on Hillsborough Street in Raleigh. It's fantastic. They make the best hot and sour soup I've ever had. The food and the service is unbelievably consistent. I nearly always get the shrimp with broccoli and it's always perfect. Last time I just picked something I'd never heard of and it was great (Dynasty Chicken). Even if you don't live in Raleigh, it's worth the drive. And they have lunch specials for $5 too!

        1. I used to enjoy going to Golden Corral where China Town Buffet is now. Ever since the signs came up for China Town as the replacement for Golden Corral I had eagerly waited for it to open. I went to China Town the first weekend it started business, and I have to say that I was profoundly disappointed by it -- so much so that I signed up on this board just to express this opinion. I found the food to be average. There were a couple of items that were unusual for a Chinese buffet (e.g. oysters) but they had to sacrifice quality on those more expensive items so much so that they weren't worth a try. The real insult is the outrageous price they charge for what is not in anyway even an above-average chinese buffet, let alone an outstanding one ($17 for a weekend dinner excluding drinks/tax/tips). I will not be going there again. I hope that once you read this review you would know better and avoid it too.

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            That's a shame. I was hoping for a reasonably-priced (and decent-tasting!) lunch...

          2. Unrelated to China Town, but on a previous tip from this board, I checked out the Chinese resto inside the Kroger on 54 near Fayetteville St. in Durham. I was quite pleasantly surprised at how good my beef chow fun and orange chicken were. And the price at ~$7 each was quite reasonable. I noticed that they alos had a Chinese menu but unfortunately it doesn't have an English translation. I have found my new go-to Chinese take-out place; it's worth the 10 minute drive down I40 from Chapel Hill.

            1. Matt, you are right. Very broad menu that adds up to boring, bland, and WAY overpriced. We were shocked to pay $20 plus apiece on the way out. You have no idea how expensive it is until you are on your way out the door, as that is where the cash register is. No atmosphere at all, just like a golden corral with a few minor cheap adjustments. What world these owners are living in I have no idea. I suggest patrons save their precious time and money for something else.

              1. I loved the food, even though we paid $60. We don't go out to eat often, so this was not that bad a price! the service was excellent as well.

                1. Kind of a dirty confession, but I want(ed) to try this place. I've been following the reviews here this fall and winter and can't say they're promising. Still, the idea of a buffet based off of Chinatown, USA has such kitschy appeal. I feel like Raleigh could actually support a Minado-type eatery, but that's a different discussion.

                  Would love to hear more specifics about Chinatown besides the universal pannings it has gotten so far.

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                    The only high point in the experience for me was the stir fry station - not because the food was spectacular, but because it was the only hot/fresh food we got there. The buffet-type foods - sweet and sour, lo mein, fried rice, pepper chicken, beef and broccoli - were ok, but had clearly not benefitted from their time on the table. The flavors were weak and the food on the bar did not turn quickly enough to have fresh product out. I also found the fried rice flavorless and much too salty.

                    The time issue also hurt the dim sum and sushi. "Rubbery" is the word that best describes the dim sum. They chill the sushi to an extent where you don't get much flavor - I understand that sushi sitting out for any length of time must be kept cold, but the flavor and texture suffer.

                    The made to order soup was very good, though. I tried the wonton.

                  2. I tried it and it was awful. Save your time and money. There is nothing to recommend it. What a shame.