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Oct 23, 2007 06:02 AM

Restaurant with evening entertainment?

My parents are visiting this weekend. And i'm trying to figure out what to do on Saturday or Sunday night. They are not too keen on the broadway show or play idea. So I was thinking a nice long dinner dinner. I remember in Hong Kong and Singapore and England - the fancy indian restaurants would have musicians singing gazals which my parents loved. Is there something similar in NYC?
i'm open to all suggestions. doesn't even have to be a restaurant - could be a bar. or even just something that your parents/family really enjoyed when visiting NYC. i'm at a complete loss. help!! :)

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  1. This restaurant may not be the most chow-worthy but the entertainment...well is....quite entertaining. Baldoria has live music and it makes every Italian American 60+ swoon for yesteryear. Some of the patrons in the restaurant looked like they came off of the set of the Sopranos and that in itself was entertainment!

    I thought the food was quite good for a red sauce type of place.