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Oct 23, 2007 05:52 AM

anyone import tequila from mexico?

Heya all,

I live in Mass and cannot receive shipments of liquor domestically. However I have read that people have imported absinthe and such from Europe with little problem.

I am trying to acquire Orendain Almendrado and was told its only available in Mexico. Are there any routes to importing it? Grey market would be fine, black would probably be ok too :)

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  1. Orendain Almendrado is not tequila, its a liquor made from tequila & almond.

    I've seen it in bars & restaurants in the US but not in stores. You may want to check ebay, a number of people sell "commemorative bottles" (not the contents).

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    1. re: larochelle

      Yes I am aware it’s not strictly tequila. However I felt I would get a better response asking if anyone imported tequila in general, since it was unlikely a chowhounder has illegally imported an almond-tequila liqueur.

    2. I love Orendain Almendrado, I know why you're looking for it, trust me! :) However, I have yet to find a US source for it. There is a substitute though, Reserva del Senor Tequila Almendrado which can be found at BevMo of all places. It's quite delicious, and possibly better than Orendain. Try that, and if you find a US source for the Orendain, let me know!!! :)

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      1. re: xvshanissa

        Heya, a reply after 3 months cool :)

        you are correct, there isn't a US supplier of Orendain. And in regards to Reserva de Senor, it's not distributed in New England so I was out of luck on that front also.

        I resorted to trawling San Diego Craigslist and found a guy who crosses the border all the time to visit family. He bought 6 bottles and FedEx'ed them to me on the DL.

        It was all very exciting and I felt like a rumrunner but it worked out great!

        1. re: ac106

          Wow, really?! If that particular gentleman is willing to perform the same service again, can you let me know?

          Even though I'm in LA, I rarely ever make it down to the border to pick up almendrado.. I mean heck, the last time I did, it was less than $10 US per bottle!

          My e-mail is

          Thank you! And, I'm happy you got your shipment. :)

          1. re: ac106

            ac106 could you possibly hook up another fellow Orendain Almendrado hunter with your San Diego hook up? I'm in the midwest and desperatly seeking some kind of way to get some shipped here. Please help, and thank you in advance.... :)


            1. re: the_shamus

              I cant believe its over year and there is still some interest in Almendrado.

              I was just thinking of reaching out to my contact as i recently polished off the 6th bottle. I havent talked to him since the initial shipment and I don't want to screw up my source by sharing it without permission. If and when I talk to him, I will feel him out and if it he agrees, will pass him your info. Best I can do.

              1. re: ac106

                I was introduced to Orendain CdA back in 2000 - I've had to depend on friends travelling to México for the occasional fix and have been in a 'dry spell' for the last few years. Did any of you ever set up the 'underground railroad'? Sincerely almendrado_deprived at

            2. re: ac106

              Hey, we could use that contact, too!! Been drinking it off and on for about 35-40 years; whenever I go to Mexico
              . Haven't been in a long while now, and likely won't, so........let me know about it.

          2. My thanks to all of you for explaining why I have been so frustrated in trying to find Orendain Almendrado ... I was given a bottle a couple of years ago ... found it to be unbelieveably delicious and one of the best quaffs I've ever quaffed ... and have looked for it ever since, in Portland, OR, where I live now, and in liquor stores in New York that I used to think stocked everything in the world. Usually no one has even known what I was talking about. I can't imagine why none of the importers have picked up on this great item. (Hell, it tasted so good that I didn't even realize it was considered a liqueur instead of liquor. Doesn't matter to me, though, what they call it ... I would love to find a source of supply ... and if anyone has found one, please let me know.) Albertwon

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