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Oct 23, 2007 02:00 AM


Going to London next week. Other then Golders Green, are there any new kosher restaurants in the City other then Bevis Mark, 613 and Rubens? I've looked at the DD sandwiches website but somehow I get the impression that the stores aren't at all stocked with their sandwiches. Does anyone have any experience with them?


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  1. The sandwiches are good - but pickings were sli,me when I went late in the day - I did ask a clerk of the store I was at he indicated the time to hit them was isefore Lunch for the best selection - I stayed near St Pauls - so for me it was pretty much Bevis Marks is where I ate most

    1. Do not depend on being able to purchase DD sandwiches in the city. The stores aren't all stocked with them at all. It is very difficult to get kosher (non junk food) food in the centre of London. If you are desperate for a sandwich, I think Selfridges (Oxford street- the flagship store) used to have them. They arent great though.
      There are a huge array of Kosher restaurants in Golders Green and Hendon though. Also, I may be wrong, but I am not sure six13 is still under a good hechsher.