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Oct 22, 2007 08:02 PM

Anyone know anything about Senor Pollo?

Senor Pollo is coming in at 1st Ave & 13th St. What should we expect? My sense of it is that it'll be rotisserie vs. fried, which is good news to me. If it's at all like Pollo Loco, we can work with that!

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  1. Grand opening is during Lunch today. They've been handing out cards this week, offering a free grand opening special of 1/4 roasted chicken and two sides (sides look like typical Latin American fare. Tostones, Maduros, Yuca Frita, Arroz Moro, Arroz Amarillo, etc.) I plan on cashing in my free lunch card today, so I'll let you know how the meal is.

    It'll also be interesting to see how much business this takes away from the cab-drivers favorite Big Arc Chicken on the same block. Granted, it's a different type of roast chicken (Big Arc's is done on the grill), but how many chicken restaurants can one block support?

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      Big Arc is Halel,and patronized by a very blue collar demographic. Almost all are drivers of some sort who run in, chow down and run's pretty scary in there in terms of decor. I used to get chicken to go often from there, but the sides are pretty grizzly. I would think there's room for another chicken place, since Big Arc would scare off most people who care about appearance or the ability to eat there. Thanks, Keith! I can't wait to try it. My go-to bird is Jefferson Market's and it gets boring after a while, since there's no salsa there or other dressings.

    2. Ordered the $6.50 1/4 roast chicken combo with 2 sides for takeout tonight. I chose arroz moro (mixed rice) and tostones (fried green plantains). The arroz moro tasted like Mexican rice and the tostones were a little dry from sitting in the steam tray under the heat lamps. Both were passable, but nothing to rave about. I also saw roasted potatoes, fried yuca, sweet plantains, white rice, beans, steamed veggies, etc. available.

      The dark meat chicken was very tender and had flavorful skin. It was accompanied by a pre-packed sauce container of what seemed to be chimichurri and one of spicy avocado sauce. The sauces were decently zesty.

      Next time, I would go back for the chicken, but pay $2 more for the 1/2 chicken option and get white rice and beans as sides.

      Senor Pollo
      221 1st Ave, New York, NY 10003

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        Just had the 1/2 Chicken (dark and white), with Rice and Beans and the two sauces mentioned above that they seem to serve with everything. Overall the food was quite good. The steam tray yucca, maduros and tostones did look a little limp, but the rice and beans were as they should be. Clearly the standout here is the chicken, which is moist with flavorful crisp skin from the rotisserie. The staff seemed to really care about what they were serving also, which was a nice change from what I've become used to.

      2. any recent thoughts on senor pollo? i'm just about equidistant from SP and the 34th street branch of pio pio, and as i've not tried either, i'm wondering if anyone has strong opinions either way. i'm not interested in the sides, apps, etc - the chicken's the thing.

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          the chicken is good....average. i get it at least once a week. it is a good deal. the sides are interesting like the mash pots....

          It is not gourmet but hits the spot