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Oct 22, 2007 07:48 PM

Bar B Que in Charleston

I have one afternoon in Charleston downtown area. I am looking for great local, not chain, bar b que. While I realize this is question that takes on religious overtones, I would appreciate peoples thoughts. A great local fish place would also be great.


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  1. Bessinger's Barbecue on Savannah Hwy for barbecue.

    1. You can try stickyfingers? It is a local chain and the only BBQ downtown. Or go to Mt Pleasant (just over the bridge) and try Melvins or Momma Browns BBQ.

      Local Fish, try FIG for all types of local food. Hanks or FISH also has great seafood. Or go to The Wreck in Mt Pleasant or Bowens Island on John Island for something you can't find any place else

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        stickyfingers mt. pleasant had fabulous smoked chicken on their sunday buffet when i was there in may 07.

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          Jim 'n Nicks is also downtown -- on King Street.

          1. re: DavidA

            If you are really stuck in only downtown then there aren't too many possibilities. Like was already mentioned, Jim 'n Nicks and sticky fingers are the only two. Of the two I would def go to Jim 'n Nicks. They have very good food but I wouldn't really call it a LOCAL BBQ place. I mean it is local and it is BBQ but it isn't both, if you know what I mean.
            The places I would recommend if you have the time are Bessingers and Momma Browns. Bessingers actually started in columbia and has great BBQ and sides and is more a of a local bbq place and is about 10 minutes from downtown.

            Momma Browns is definitely a local bbq place and has great!!! sides with pretty good bbq. Last time I was there they were still only serving vinegar based bbq though so if you don't like that then maybe you won't want to go (maybe somebody can chime in if that has changed).

            Good luck, hope this helps.

        2. I agree with Sonalamp and Mball. If you can make it to Mt. Pleasant, Momma Brown's is one of the better BBQ options.

          1. Thanks to all for their help and advice. I'll report back

            1. Downtown, unfortunately, is a BBQ wasteland.

              Jim n Nick's is a chain and not my favorite. Sticky Fingers is also a chain but at least regional and really pretty o.k.

              As said, Moma Browns (Mt P) is really good. I like it for their huge selection of sides.

              Melvins (Mt P, James Island) is a local chain and not bad. I think the chicken BBQ sandich is the best thing they have going.

              Bessingers (cousin to Melvin) is not my favorite but does have a huge local following.

              J.B.'s Smokeshack (John's Island, Goose Creek) is wonderful for one reason.... the best hash ever! BBQ is good but the hash is someting I buy extra of to put in the freezer.

              Hometeam (West Ashley) never get's mentioned in discussions about BBQ. Their BBQ is not so good. Really good brisket if you don't use their sauce though

              For fish go with any of mball's recomendations and you will be happy, happy.