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Oct 22, 2007 07:30 PM

What's your go-to drink?

You walk into a bar with some friends...what do you typically drink?

My standby is a gin and tonic since it's hard to screw up and I find it refreshing. However my tastes seem to change by the season. As the colder weather rolls in, I tend to drink more porters and stouts when drinking beer and whiskey and bourbon based drinks when I want a cocktail. I love manhattans, but I'm still trying to develop a taste for straight whiskey (with rocks or water).

So, what's your drink of choice?

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  1. wintertime; a dry manhattan(basically a rye martini served up with a twist) or Macallan's with 1 ice cube. in the summer, a real martini(plymouth gin 4/1 with vya vermouth, a dash of orange bitters and served with a lemon twist, or a mojito, if they have fresh mint. or just some Hangar one or Charbay vodka on the rocks with lime.

    1. In summer a Kettle One gimlet on the rocks. During winter something with bourbon. I recently tried a very good scotch that smelled and tasted like charcoal and my grandpa's pipe smoke; it was strangely alluring. If I were an older gentleman with a study complete with leather chairs and a fireplace and I lived in an earlier time, this would be my go-to drink. But I live in a small apartment in California and would feel like a fraud drinking it so the aforementioned drinks are what I go for. I cannot for the life of me remember the name of the scotch.

      1. Winter, whiskey or whisky with a very small amount of ice. I will order most thigns with 2-4 small ice cubes. Apppreciate bars that have good ice too.

        Summer, a good amber or darker rum with tonic, squeeze the juice of a wedge of lemon in too.

        More often than either, beer.

        1. Mojitos and vodka tonics in warm weather. Guiness and Merlot when it gets cold.

          1. Im a shot and abeer guy, no mixed drinks for me, what I drink:

            Rocks glasses of tequila, and a cold beer, repeat as necessary

            My favorite tequillas right now are any of the Cabo brand, Corazon Reposado, & Don Julio 1942 Anejo, which at $25 a glass is a little steep but the best I have tasted.