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What's your go-to drink?

You walk into a bar with some friends...what do you typically drink?

My standby is a gin and tonic since it's hard to screw up and I find it refreshing. However my tastes seem to change by the season. As the colder weather rolls in, I tend to drink more porters and stouts when drinking beer and whiskey and bourbon based drinks when I want a cocktail. I love manhattans, but I'm still trying to develop a taste for straight whiskey (with rocks or water).

So, what's your drink of choice?

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  1. wintertime; a dry manhattan(basically a rye martini served up with a twist) or Macallan's with 1 ice cube. in the summer, a real martini(plymouth gin 4/1 with vya vermouth, a dash of orange bitters and served with a lemon twist, or a mojito, if they have fresh mint. or just some Hangar one or Charbay vodka on the rocks with lime.

    1. In summer a Kettle One gimlet on the rocks. During winter something with bourbon. I recently tried a very good scotch that smelled and tasted like charcoal and my grandpa's pipe smoke; it was strangely alluring. If I were an older gentleman with a study complete with leather chairs and a fireplace and I lived in an earlier time, this would be my go-to drink. But I live in a small apartment in California and would feel like a fraud drinking it so the aforementioned drinks are what I go for. I cannot for the life of me remember the name of the scotch.

      1. Winter, whiskey or whisky with a very small amount of ice. I will order most thigns with 2-4 small ice cubes. Apppreciate bars that have good ice too.

        Summer, a good amber or darker rum with tonic, squeeze the juice of a wedge of lemon in too.

        More often than either, beer.

        1. Mojitos and vodka tonics in warm weather. Guiness and Merlot when it gets cold.

          1. Im a shot and abeer guy, no mixed drinks for me, what I drink:

            Rocks glasses of tequila, and a cold beer, repeat as necessary

            My favorite tequillas right now are any of the Cabo brand, Corazon Reposado, & Don Julio 1942 Anejo, which at $25 a glass is a little steep but the best I have tasted.

            1. A glass of Bushmill's with just two or three ice cubes and a pint of Guinness.

              1. Jack & 7 probably 80% of the time, a single-malt, if available (neat) or a pre-dinner Campari & soda.

                1. Manhattan: Maker's Mark on the rocks, light on the vermouth

                  1. If I'm just at the bar to have a drink with friends, then as the months get colder, scotch and soda (I usually specify Dewars as I find it works very well with soda). In warmer months, actually, scotch and soda fairly often but a lot of gin and tonic as well.

                    Honestly, this doesn't happen much anymore. We're mostly headed out to dinner when we go out and I tend to go for Manhattans or Martinis at that point as a before dinner drink with the occasional Pegu throw in.

                    1. If its spirits either gin on the rocks or bourbon depending upon the mood, for cocktails a Rye Manhattan 3:1, 2 dashes of bitters, or an antique or specialty cocktail if I am in front of a pro mixologist. If a wine bar a big red like a Zin, Cab, or SA Pinotage. If beer I go either for something seasonal or a Belgian.

                      1. Unknown bar, Jack and coke, hard to screw up. Summer time Bombay Saphire and tonic or Tequila and Fresca. Winter, Maker's neat with a Fat Tire. In a bar with someone who knows what they are doing, a Sazerac.

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                          Agreed, but they REALLY have to know what they're doing!

                        2. Citron and soda...I have found that this is a very nice standard drink...it will not fill me up...yet is cool and refreshing at the same time. Usually no bar will mess this up, the only difference is when I only say "citron" and not specify any type of alcohol. It runs the gamat from Smirnoff Citron to Goose Citron. Preferrably, I like Ketel Citron, but most bars do not carry it (surprise me!!).

                          I do change my tastes during weather irregularities. Red wine and stouts for winter, champagne (or prosecco) and lagers for summer...but no specifics. Just what the palette calls for at that moment.

                          1. since i'm in hawaii, i don't really have a seasonal drink as many of you do.

                            right now my pre dinner drink is a macallan w/1 or 2 ice cubes in it. if i have a cocktail its usually grey goose soda or citrus vodka soda. otherwise its guiness.

                            1. At a nice restaurant when I get there early, I usually like to order a martini. But last time the chick was asking all these dumb questions, like "what kind of martini?" WTH, nobody ever asked James Bond how to make his martini. Do I really have to explain to bartenders that I want a martini, not a "vodkatini"?

                              The rest of the time for me it's usually Maker's & coke, Occasionally a 7&7, or if I need to get drunk fast, a long island iced tea..

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                                like "what kind of martini?"

                                consider yourself lucky there wasn't chocolate syrup or cranberry juice in it.

                              2. Champagne if they have it and its predinner or drinks with the girls - Grey Goose and soda with a splash of cranberry is standard for other times. But then there are those boys nite out - anything goes!

                                1. My summer standby for years has been a vodka and lime, largely because as others have said, it's a tough drink to screw up. My favorite: shot of vodka (my vodka of choice is Luksusowa, a Polish band made from potatoes, as vodka should be: smooth, mixable and a bargain compared to the overpriced status vodkas that it regularly beats in taste tests), splash of Rose's, fill with seltzer, garnish with lime wedge. Summer in a highball glass.

                                  However, this last year, I rediscovered a good old-fashioned Pimms Cup and drank rather more than my share of those. Similarly, I just discovered Goslings Black Seal fairly recently and went through a spurt of drinking Dark and Stormys. Also, given my general comfort level with my own masculinity, I never turn down an opportunity to drink anything served in a ceramic coconut, a tiki idol or a pineapple. They're fruity and delicious, and besides, I'm 6'6" and built like a linebacker gone to seed: I don't get messed with in bars.

                                  For wintertime drinks, I drank Manhattans for years, pretty much from the time in my early 20s when I decided I should have "a usual." In the early '90s, Manhattans were basically dead as a cocktail, and as a pretentious college student, that also appealed to me. However, I've grown sick of them more recently, and given my personal vow that I'm simply never going to drink Martinis, out of a deep desire never to become That Guy (you know, the one who gets involved in deep and intense discussions about what constitutes a "proper" Martini), I don't really have a current winter drink. As a default, I've just gone back to my old high school fave, the Cuba Libre, and I'm probably going to stay there at least for the time being. I'm no more likely to drink Scotch than I am to vote Republican, two things that are inextricably intertwined in my mind for some reason, so that's straight out, but I do have a certain fondness for the other brown liquors, so the occasional whiskey highball does the trick. I've hinted for a soda syphon for Christmas for that very purpose.

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                                    Lol at the 'linebacker gone to seed'. I'm the opposite - 5"2 and get drunk on a glass of wine with an empty stomach, and thus am in the unusual position of requesting bartenders "go easy on the alcohol".

                                    I don't crave cocktails in winter; in summer, it's a good old fashioned mojito, a rossini or a raspberry mule. Above all else, the fruit must be fresh.

                                  2. If I'm unsure of the bar, I'll get a Tanq and tonic in summer and 7&7 in the winter. If I'm feeling more confident in the place I'll order a VO Manhatten in the winter but T&T pretty much stays the fallback in the hot months regardless.

                                    Now if I can get a Pimm's Cup, I'm all over that. But I rarely see that behind the bar.

                                    1. Jack & Water...if the water's bad, it's time to move on.

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                                        If I'm at a bar or crappy restaurant, it's a bud light. I went to a nice Italian place a few months ago and ordered a martini. Blech. I've since grown fond of White Russians. I guess I'll keep drinking those until I start to feel anti-American.

                                      2. I like all of these ideas, I'll have to try some.

                                        My usual go-to drinks vary from mood to mood and season to season but are as follows:
                                        --1 shot Crown, 1 Pint Dos Equis (usually reserved for Mexican restaurants)
                                        --plain ol' Guinness
                                        --Jameson, water, ice
                                        --Knob Creek (or some other bourbon) and ginger ale
                                        --Scotch (any brand, I'm not picky) and soda

                                        I've also wanted to try a Blacksmith - Guinness and Smithwicks. Now all of the above are if I'm spending. If I'm just out at a show, looking for a cheap buzz I'll go Miller Lite. Please don't throw stones.

                                        1. I could have written your post, except that I love straight whisky. My winter equivalent to the G&T though (since a Manhattan is easy to screw up, especially since I prefer them with rye, which is rarely available) is a Dewars and soda.