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Oct 22, 2007 07:23 PM

DFW Hound needs Best Sushi in Boca / West Palm

I am taking my mother in law to dinner while I am visiting South Florida. I normally take her to either Thai or Sushi. I am thinking Sushi for this time. I am looking for hopefully Japanese owned really good sushi. I am really spoiled here in DFW we have a very large Japanese population.

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  1. Here are my favorites in Boca:
    Fah Asian Bistro

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      I agree with miamimike (on the two that I know of). I've been to Bluefin and Japango and both are excellent.

    2. Bluefin and Fah are both Sushi/Thai restaurants and are very good. If I was forced to choose I'd probably pick Bluefin.

      For straight up Japanese I recommend Daimatsu Sushi in Royal Palm Plaza. My wife and I have been going there since they opened and always enjoy the food. The fish is top quality and impeccably fresh. We normally order sushi, sashimi, and rolls but we've also tried some of their cooked entrees. We especially like the Unaju (barbecued fresh water eel.) Diamatsu is on the high end for sushi in So Fla but it's worth the price. They also have a restaurant in Tokoyo. (