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Oct 22, 2007 07:10 PM

Great Food In The West Valley??

I just came from Dan's Super Subs. Had the Jumbo Italian Combo, and it was sooooo good and sooooo big. On the way home, I took Ventura Blvd. instead of the Fwy, something I don't normally do. I was noticing all these places I've never been to, especially between Topanga and Sepulveda. Can anyone recommend anything that will give me another reason to drive from the East Valley to the West Valley. Any cuisine will do, lunch or dinner. Thanks!!!

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  1. As I live in Sherman Oaks, there are VERY few places worthy of driving west of the 405, and not all are on Ventura Blvd. But in the shopping center at Topanga & Ventura where Jerry's Deli and Vons are located is a restaurant in the farthest reaches of the NE corner of the center is Gorikee - reasonable, very good quality dining in a no-nonsense yet pleasant environment.
    Carrillo's Deli on Sherman Way at Corbin, just west of Smart & Final, would be another place to dine well, yet in a fastish food kind of way, with quite good Mex. food including Guac, rellenos, etc. where Spanish is the native language and English is spoken. Superb for catering or party platters, etc. which I have done on numerous occasions.

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      Have to respectfully disagree.......

      A&W (northridge location) and Mandarin Deli are better than any Chinese east of the 405....
      SUshi IKI is as good or better than any sushi east of the 405...
      Alessio (northridge) is as good as any Italian east of the 405.....
      Alexis is as good or better than any Greek east of the 405....
      Ruth's Chris, Charlie G's, Flemings, Monty's are all as good or better than any steak house east of the 405....
      L'Affair Cafe, little publicized gem in Mission Hills, would hold it's own with any east of the 405, except much cheaper and better service.

      I could go on......

      Just because you are Sherman Oaks centric, no need to make rash may be right that there is more of a concentration of good places east of the 405, but the west valley is not a TOTAL wasteland......

      p.s. IMO Gorikee is overrated based on my 3 visits. Granted it's been a couple years since my last visit, maybe I'll give it another try. L'Affair Cafe blows them out of the water in all, service, atmosphere.

      Agree Carillo's has some tasty Mexican food, although I like Dos Arbolitos better (Nordhoff & Woodley)

      1. re: markn

        LAiffair is east of the 405...isn't it?

        1. re: Diana

          You're right, it's on Sepulveda just east of the 405. I guess I consider it west valley because I can hop on the 118 and be there in like 5 miinutes.

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          Markn, my response to OP was premised on the ventura corridor which was mentioned, and thus north valley was never even a thought.
          I too like L-Affair and of course Brents, yet if I want a steak from Ruth Chris, I go to BH, not Woodland Hills. The other 3 aren't worth my time or money.
          And the ribeye steak at Boneyard Bistro and the filet at Max, both in Sherman Oaks, are better than any at Ruth Chris.

      2. There's a good Mexican restaurant on Ventura near Corbin called Sol y Luna. The owners also own two small places where you order at the counter--Melody's on Reseda Blvd. (I think the cross street is Vanowen, but not sure) and Las Fuentes on that same cross street a block or two east of Reseda.

        1. I second the Gorikee and Sol y Luna recs

          Sushi Iki in Tarzana for uni and scallop sashimi
          Shibuya is Calabasas
          Gochi in Encino

          1. I like Brents Deli (lots of discussion about Brents on this board if you search, their double baked rye bread is fantastic). The Firehouse in Reseda has really good gyro I love the sandwich or the salad, and perfectly cooked lamb souvlaki. Also, the Tarzana Armenian Deli in Tarzana (there are a couple of them out there) makes great wrap sandwiches, they include fresh stringcheese, peppers, avocado and veggies, or your choice of meat. Ambers Broasted Chicken in Encino is lip smacking good. And I'm a fan of Gorikee & Las Fuentes as someone previously listed. I'm not saying these are destination restaurants, but when you're in the neighborhood, these are all great choices. Enjoy!

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            1. re: debra

              Ooops, forgot to add locations

              Brent's Deli
              19565 Parthenia St, Northridge, CA 91324

              Firehouse Restaurant
              18450 Victory Blvd, Tarzana, CA 91335

              Amber's Chicken & Donuts
              16900 Burbank Blvd, Encino, CA

              Tarzana Armenian Grocery
              18598 Ventura Blvd, Tarzana, CA 91356

            2. Isn't the slippery shrimp heaven east of the 405?

              So is Woodland's Pure in Chatsworth..YUM!

              Follow your HEart in Canoga Park on Sherman Way

              Nat's Early Bite hasd a Branch on Topanga Canyon in CP..Nat's West.

              Anarbagh has good food, but scathingly lousy service most nights.

              La Frite has a branch on Venture in Tarzana...really good.

              Cici's Cafe is there, too.

              Also, Hummus bar in Tarzana on Venture for great hummus and lovely thick pita (I like it thick)

              Red Balls Pizza is in Woodland Hills, on Topanga Canyon.

              I hear that Solvang/Los Olivos/Santa Barbara sandwich shop Panini's (panino's?) is opening a branch in the newly done mall there!

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              1. re: Diana

                Diana, OMG! I LOVE Panini's, and was just craving one of their sandwiches earlier today. I assume you're talking about the mall where Nordsrom is located. Any idea when it opens?

                1. re: brandygirl

                  Dunno, sometime soon-hopefully in the next month or so! I saw something on their add in the SB News Press when I was up there.

                  I think it is in the one with the pinkberry, the Gyu Kaku and stuff, but I can never keep the malls next door to each other straight.