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Oct 22, 2007 06:59 PM

Stone Bar - Poconos

Looking for some feedback on Stone Bar in Snydersville. I travel to Poconos a few times per month and have seen a lot of signs/billboards for this place. Menu on web looks good but pricey for Poconos. Unfortunately, I have struck out in many different places I have tried, so I am open to other suggestions as well.

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  1. Stone Bar is a bit pricey but probably one of the best restaurants in the Poconos - that's not saying much unfortunately, as the Poconos leaves a lot to be desired. A few other suggestions are the Frogtown Inn in Canadensis - just sold and the new owners are doing a great job (again, a bit pricey but worth it) Another good restaurant is Antelaos in Delaware Water Gap. Good luck.

    1. We were in the Poconos over the weekend. Louies Prime Steak House on Lake Harmony was excellent and Crescent Lodge in Cresco... also Bar Louis at the Hotel Fauchere in Milford was great. They have a more formal place called The Delmonico Room.

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        Here's a link to my reviews of Delmonico and Bar Louis, as well as a place where we ate lunch:

      2. We have eaten several times at Hazzard's Rainetree in S. Sterling and enjoyed the experience. Food is good. Salad is kind of skimpy; drinks good sized. Pretty place indoors and out. They have a lavish Sunday brunch. However, we were there last night for dinner and found out that the restaurant was just sold to "guys in the kitchen" according to our waitress. She said that the menu will remain the same for now, but I suggest that you try it soonish rather than later.