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Apr 19, 2006 08:18 PM

outer richmond eats???

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I just moved to the outer richmond and am looking for advice on great eats in the area. So far, I've really only been to Pizzetta 211 (LOVED IT) and Mescolanza on Clement. Anyone have any fav spots out here?

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  1. I like 211 too. Also there's Oyaji, Aziza, and Best Panda. Lots of little Asian places on Clement and California. I just got some sausages at the Seakor Polish Deli on Geary near 24th or 25th, also some other Russian/Eastern Euro places I haven't tried and Korean out there.

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      i second chapeau. i also like jang soo b.b.q. for korean. it's at 6314 geary between 25th and 26th or 27th.

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      Claudette Wyms

      I like Ernesto's (next block west of Mescolanza) for Italian food and good pizzas, although different than 211.

      1. How "outer" are you talking? There's El Mansour, Chapeau, Pachi's, Tia Margarita, Blue Fin Sushi, all on the western side of Park Presidio. Way far out is El Masri (Egyptian).

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          Has anyone had a good experience at Al Masri? We ate there 4 years ago when we first moved into the neighborhood and it was, um, weird. The mezza were all delicious (hummous, baba ghanoush, and a couple of others I don't remember now), but the mains (rabbit for me, beef for my partner) tasted like they had been in a freezer for a loooong time. We were pretty much the only people in there until the bar tender started making phone calls and groups of his friends started showing up. He greeted one of them with the words, "Oh thank god. We need you tonight more than ever." Oh, and the owner spent some time chatting with us about his notoriously bad temper, and how the restaurant was just a hobby but his real business was a belly dancing school. The whole thing was just bizarre. We've never been back.

        2. I love Golden Mandalay (Southeast Asian) on California by 6th Ave. Really good samosas and tea salad.

          For the ultimate cheap eats, I like Denny's Cafe (not the chain) on Geary by 20th Ave. Daily breakfast (8-11) and afternoon tea (3 or 3:30-6) specials, including coffee or hot tea for around $3. Daily and dinner specials (garlic bread, cup of soup, entree and a drink) starts at around $6. The food isn't to-die-for, but for the price, it's pretty darn good.

          1. When I'm in S.F. in February I might be looking for something nearby my friends' place. Is there anything not to miss within a 15-minute walk of Lake & 26th (i.e. someplace you'd travel to, not a compromise)?

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              You're in striking distance of Aziza. And, while not a "destination", when you feel like some chicken noodle soup (Pho ga), check out Turtle Tower -

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                Aziza's definitely a destination. I've driven there from Berkeley and will again.

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                  Peter - walk yourself right down to the Northern Italian place called "Mescolanza" on Clement St. between 23 and 24th Avenues. I have been going to this little neighborhood gem for the 20 years its been in the neighborhood and have NOT had a bad meal there...ever. I also happen to like the little french bistro " Chapeau" on Clement near 14th Avenue. Be prepared for tight quarters there - wear your "Right Guard" though because those tables are close...LOL!