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Oct 22, 2007 06:54 PM

Great Restaurant That Caters - Westside/Pac Pal

Hi, throwing myself a 40th birthday party in the Palisades next month and need to find a great (not too expensive!) place that will cater for about 60 people -- adults and kids. It's right after Thanksgiving and I don't want to have an orgy of food, but was thinking Italian, Mexican, or ? I'm living in Chicago and am not up on all the local places. Got a quote from Maria's Italian Kitchen -- have also contacted Kay and Dave's, Jacopo's, Beech Street, and Pinocchio. Anyone have any great ideas?

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  1. Well, not Kay & Dave's or Jacopo's. These are local quickie places with very mediocre food. If you were feeding a little league team, I'd say Jacopo's would be fine, but not for a 40th birthday party.

    I'm confused about whether you're looking for a restaurant to bring food to your location or whether you want to find a restaurant with a big room. Clarify?

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      I've already rented the Women's Club -- I need food to be brought in...

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        Ok, then I agree with Kathryn that you are not that limited to the area. Almost any westside-ish or even further east restaurant or caterer will come there for the job, so consider other slightly more distant places. There have been a couple of catering threads on here recently as well as a "where can a party of 60 eat" thread. Those might provide some assistance.

        Maybe the Il Fornaio in Santa Monica? The food isn't the oh-my-god greatest, but it is many steps above Jacopo's and probably won't break the bank.

    2. I cook lots of Mexican food, it's my native food, but I still like to have Frida's in beverly Hills supplement whatever I am cooking. If I am making an enchilada dish, I will have them bring in the beans and rice and chips and salsa. It's not that their entrees aren't great, but it's kind of expected that I cook the stuff... Their food is delicious and authentic. I think their website is I have to agree with coffee cake about Jacopos I don't think it's appropriate for an adult semi-formal or formal party.

      1. You may check with Duck, Duck, Mousse. They are a caterer from Santa Monica and they run a part-time restaurant at the Victorian House on Main Street in SM, next to the Sunday farmers market. They do an excellent job. Not sure how much you want to spend, but I suspect they would be pretty accommodating.

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          1. I almost forgot... Clementine in Century City would do a great job of catering. They've got truly wonderful food, tending towards the comfort food side of things.