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Oct 22, 2007 06:44 PM

Thanksgiving dinner in Tokyo

I will b e in Tokyo next month and would like my inlaws to a American style Thanksgiving dinner. Does anyone one know a place I can take them?

Thanks for any help.

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  1. Fujimamas has a thanksgiving dinner, I went last year and it was pretty good.
    The wine was nice and the turkey was cooked well.

    I just wish they provided more food, especially for a thanksgiving dinner. I wanted to be fully American and eat to exhaustion but there wasn't enough.

    1. fujimammas in harajuku does a family style thanksgiving dinner. we went last year and it was fun, but service was a little spotty, probably because there were so many people. the pumpkin pie hit the spot, and i really enjoyed the cranberry sauce. their website should have all of the info.

      1. Here's a rundown of places serving Thanksgiving dinner last year:

        Most of the same places should be doing it again this year.

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          I think that Fujimamas is pretty much as good as it gets in Tokyo for the money you spend and the food that is served. To go to a first-rate dinner at a big hotel will cost several times as much, and will not offer as much good value. Better to stick to Fujimamamas or one of the places on the listing above, which is also as good as it gets.

        2. Thanks to all for the information

          1. Try Beacon in Aoyama, they are doing a very nice dinner, check the web site for TY Express. Menu looks fantastic and if it is anything like their regular dinner concept it should be excellent with high quality and good portions at a reasonable price...