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Oct 22, 2007 06:16 PM

high rise restaurant/bar PHILADELPHIA

Usually go to old city when I go to philadelphia for a night out. Always wondered if there was a good spot at a high rise anywhere in philadelphia. Anyone know?

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  1. XIX on the nineteenth floor of the Bellevue on broad st.

    If you can find someone who's a member.... Pyramid Club in the Mellon building.

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    1. re: JugglerDave

      ^ is that the one on the 47th floor, or something, pyramid club? one of my friends was raving about a party way up high on a 47th floor somewhere... but i have no idea where that would have been.

      XIX is very nice. i went for the cheapie wednesday happy hour and thought they handled the crowd quite well, and the bartenders were super-friendly. it's the only public spot i know of.

      when i do meetings in the city, i like to rent the 33rd floor roberts boardroom in the loews (there are larger rooms too). i do upscale meals, so i probably got a nice discount, but the room was something pretty cheap like $300. it is pretty big, and the view south & west is spectacular. not too ideal for an impromtu night out to mix with others, but it's my favorite up-high spot in the city. i've always thought about renting them out for private parties. a few of us were considering calling them for a pre-party before my company's christmas party.

      isla ibiza USED to have a deck on the 4th floor, but closed down a few months ago. shame!

      1. re: rabidog

        what kind of happy hour specials wednesday and how big of a crowd?

        1. re: rdmg

          unfortunately i think it's a seasonal thing and they may have ended in september. :(
          took place every wednesday from 5 - 7pm. 5pm it was pretty uncrowded - balcony space aplenty. 6pm, a line starts forming for drinks. 6:30, the tables were all taken (we got there early, so we had a table). 7pm, specials are over and the place clears out! totally worth it, though.

          but keep an eye for when they do start up again (i will, too) - there were $2 yuengling beers, $3 wines, and $4 cocktails (a blueberry martini and a mango something, if i remember correctly). it's an awesome time, and it's hard to spend $20 if you try!!

          what are the normal prices here, anyone know? if cocktails are the average $8 - $10, i'd still say it's totally worth it for the awesome space up there. it's really a beautiful view.

          1. re: rabidog

            thats what im talking about! i hardly ever do happy hour and wanted a place like that to start back up lol. I hope your wrong hah

            1. re: rdmg

              ugh i'm still looking for the perfect winter happy hour spot so if you find it do let me know. we ended up at tavern 17 last time, and they were doing a special radio promotion (the jazz station's DJs were in there) but i found the service first non-existant, and then 100% unknowledgeable (we had wine flights which were placed in front of us like so: "this one's the mmmhmmm, this one's the second one, and i don't remember what this one is!!!"). appetizers were just OK. i should have listened to the recs from here.

              i think next time i'll try out the eulogy happy hour crowd. i had lunch there saturday and they continue to impress me. it's totally the opposite of the view you're looking for (think velvet curtains blocking out any hint of sunlight) but it really is a great beer menu and some tasty food.

              1. re: rabidog

                you think thats bad last friday i tried adelphia's in deptford, NJ to check out the free buffett. BAD MOVE, all senior citizens, $6 GT's, and the buffet looked like microwavable chinese food leftover from the week before. I'm just looking for a good time with some good people. THAT SO MUCH TO ASK? lol

      2. re: JugglerDave

        I've had two terrible food experiences at XIX. The one I remember was recent. My mixed green salad was just that, a handful of mixed greens, nothing else, dressed for $8. I was bored just swallowing it, and the greens were nothing special. I also ordered shoestring fries, which came out thick.

        1. re: saturninus

          i have had two very good meals at XIX
          perhaps ordering a green salad and fries at a high-end restaurant doesnt allow you to be the best judge of what they have to offer...?
          (not a snipe, just saying....)

          1. re: Nipsey Russell

            My son and DIL had a wonderful meal at XIX recently. However, I think saturnius is probably referring to the bar, not the restaurant.

            1. re: Nipsey Russell

              no way. a bad review is totally fair regardless of what's ordered. if the restaurant doesn't know how to make it, they shouldn't serve it.

              i haven't done their food... just the drinks. the half-eaten scallop story scared them off of my list for at least a while.

              1. re: rabidog

                For reference, one meal was at the bar and the other was in the restaurant, but in both cases I ordered off the regular menu. I am a vegetarian, so I realize there are more complex dishes to order, but I was very limited.

                1. re: saturninus

                  The Continental Mid-Town has a roof top bar.