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Oct 22, 2007 05:57 PM

Good B-eats in Scranton?

I am going to The Office convention in Scranton this weekend. Can you recommend some good places to eat?

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  1. After you realize that 80% of the townies don't understand why you are gaga about Scranton check out the Banshee, have a fine regional micro beer such as Troeg's or Dogfish and sit back and enjoy the day.

    1. have a good time...for some deli eats, venture to Dunmore for a great deli....Cara Mia's on Drinker St.
      Diner- Chick's Diner on Moosic Ave.
      The Banshee is a good time and they have a nice pint.

      if you wanna get away from everything and see the real Scranton and talk to some good guys....head up Mulberry St, past the University to the corner of Mulberry and Taylor....Thats the Mulberry St Inn....Tell them that the guy who just got married and went to the Prep sent you....get a drink on me and have a good laugh with Scotty, Bobby and if you're lucky Mr Saturday night...Ed Walsh

      1. Assuming you're staying downtown and not really looking to travel much, here are some suggestions:

        Thai Rak Thai [349 Adams Ave.] for really good Thai (byob)
        Blues Street 222 Wyoming Ave. for southern/soul food -
        Vida Tapas Bar & Grill for Spanish/tapas
        Carmen's Restaurant and Wine Bar in the Radisson Hotel for reasonably high end (and correspondingly expensive) Italian -

        1. As a townie (do we call ourselves that?) that doesn't understand the attraction - you might try Chick's Diner or the Glider Diner (still there?) Also, you can't leave without going for Texas Wieners at Coney Island in Scranton. Then Gavin's or Gannon's later on. The Banshee came later.