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Oct 22, 2007 05:03 PM

Southern Barbarian- Yunnanese in Shanghai

Went last night and got stuffed and a bit tipsy for 100rmb/person.
Not quite as fabulous as some of the Yunnanese we had in Beijing, and no doubt not as good as the native stuff but he doesn't do a bad job this guy and the decor is nice to boot!
Highlights included bbq'd pork ribs, potato pancake (like a thin uber crispy rosti), fried salt and pepper goats cheese, mint salad, cold grilled eggplant with tomato.
The mushroom dishes were good but a bit thin on the mushrooms. The noodle bowls were ok but mostly noodle (although something like 6 rmb/bowl, ridiculous).
Oh also, they actually make a not bad mojito (MINT!!!) for 25 rmb, maybe a bit sweet but hey you can have 3 for the price of one anywhere else. Gin Tonic (25 rmb as well) wasn't bad either and they have a nice beer list with lots of decent imports.
A really nice change (MINT!!!) when you're tired of the "great traditions" and Shanghai's so-so western food.

here's a link to directions (It's just below Di Shui Dong in the back of the art complex):

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  1. Where did you have Yunnanese food in Beijing? We missed Southern Barbarian in Shanghai, and I have a few days now in Beijing to try Yunnanese.

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      I'm not the OP but used to live in BJ. Yunnan Provincial Government restaurant is great; South Silk Beauty is more posh but not as delish.

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        Hi David, probably a bit late now but I'm pretty sure we went to "no name" restaurant in houhai.. it was a sod to find but the food was quite good. Looks like it would be freezing in the winter though.