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Looking for great food in Hermosa Beach area.

Here's the deal. Hopefully someone can help. I am taking a date to the Comedy and Magic Club in Hermosa Saturday night and want to find a great dinner place before the show. The Hermosa/Manhattan Beach areas would be great. It doesn't matter if it is a dive or a romantic setting. Any kind of food is fine, and I guess the only thing I would exclude would be four-star top expensive kinds of places. Ultimately, I'm looking for one of those local gems. Any ideas?

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  1. I would suggest either Chef Melbas Bistro or Jacksons both are very close to the Comedy and Magic Club. Food is good at both with my edge going to Chef Melbas

    Chef Melba's Bistro
    1501 Hermosa Ave, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

    Jacksons Village Bistro
    517 Pier Ave, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

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      of the two,
      i'd stick to chef melba's. . . .

    2. We had our office Christmas party one year at the Comedy and Magic Club and the food served was pretty decent. Of course we ordered anything on the menu since the company paid for it including unlimited drinks. Funny I can't remember what we ate? Funny how I don't remember the whole night?

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        Chef Melba's is the local gem IMO.
        There is a sushi place a few doors down from the comedy club-I think it is called Sushi Sensai. It has decent preparations of Americanized novelty rolls, etc. Not authentic but tasty.
        The Italian Place on Pier called Buona Vita is good too. The ambience is relaxed and the interior is low lit.
        Not fancy-Thai Top on Pier has good versions of Pad Thai, Tom Yum Goong, Silver Noodle Yum and they do spicy things with squid. They also have a shrimp dumpling soup with spinach.
        Ragin Cajun, also on Pier.
        Boogaloo Cafe-also Cajun influence with live blues...really good shrimp in a spicy sauce dish.

      2. The Bottle Inn in HB is a skip from the Comedy Club. A very romantic dimly lit cozy Italian restaurant, steps from the sand adn the club. Perfect first date place. Food is good here too. Fits local gem quota. Not too pricey IIRC, most entrees were in the 10-20 mark.

          1. Ragin Cajun on Pier. Nice little gem with amazingly good food and friendly atmosphere.

            1. There's another thread going about this area and people have mentioned La Sosta. How does La Sosta compare to Chef Melba's for the total experience?

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                LA sosta is the best IMHO.

                If you want more local flavor, and more ethnic, I would try New Orleans. It has the best blackened catfish, best gumbo, best etouffee, best mac and cheese, etc. And its BYOB. It is 30% overpriced though, so if you dont recoup some cost from BYOB, it might not be worht it, despite having the best ingredients outside of Harold and Belles. If you want shrimp po boys or beans and rice, I would go to Ragin Cajun. If you want an awesome beer and wine list, nice dark bluesy atmosphere, and some fanstastic jambalaya, I would choose Cafe boogaloo. Call ahead to avoid a cover.

                Chef Melba is good, but La sosta is on its own level when it comes to dining.

              2. The ONLY place in hermosa beach that can compare to Los Angeles, is La Sosta Enoteca. It isnt Angelini Osteria, Giorgio Baldi, or Osteria Mozza, but it is darn good.

                Romantic, European, and......expensive. If you love great wine, great italian, perfect regional cuisine, then La Sosta Enoteca is the only way to go in the beach cities.

                The cutting board there isnt revolutionary like the ones found at Lucques, grace, or the foundry, but it is a huge crowd pleaser. THey have this wine soaked cheese from italy that is one of the best cheeses I have sampled in the los angeles area, and they serve one of the best parmesean cheeses on that board. It also comes with an aweome honey to pair it with,

                The rest of hermosa is decent, but cannot compare to Los Angeles/Santa Monica/Culver City type restaurants.

                1. If La sosta is too haute. I will also suggest creme da le crepe. Awesome crepes, dessert and savory kind. BYOB!!! Which is fantastic since wine or beer can both go well with crepes. It is filled with local 20 to 30 somethings. Just a nice festive atmosphere.

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                    Comparing La Sosta to Melba's is hard as both offer different cuisine and dining experiences. I find La Sosta to be wonderful when on and when the owners are focused. I have had a few visits that fell short due to obvious discord. In such a small space, the atmosphere quickly gets spoiled. The only other place for Italian that compares is Coccole Laboratorie on PCH in Hollywood Riviera.