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Oct 22, 2007 03:21 PM

fresh rice noodles

I bought some fresh rice noodles today, and am wondering if anyone has any good recipes to use them. Also, how long do they keep in the fridge?


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  1. Re they the thin ones or the ones that are almost fettucine like (1/2")? I find the thin ones keep several weeks while the more moist wide ones maybe a week in a cold fridge. As for recipes, need to know the type

    1. They are actually in sheets, and you have to cut them yourself. First time I've tried them.

      1. they will last only a day or so (for decent quality). it is recommended you use them soon (within few hours) of them being made. if refrigerated, i find you lose the luscious, sensual, pillowy softness, and instead get a granularity to the noodle. very disappointing. if one takes the trouble of stir frying all those good ingredients, do it with your fresh noodles!

        ok, recipes:

        thai " pad kee mao" is my favorite (aka "drunken noodles")
        "see euw" noodles also recommended. (see euw noodles


        ("ki mow" - i think they spell it there. refers to the rice noodles as "sen yai" -- these i am PRESUMING to be the fresh rice noodles)*
        (video help re thai stir fry

        (general blog, good ideas


        key -- do stir fry in stages. (noodles separately.) once all ingredients cooked, then combine for just a minute in wok or big skillet you are cooking in. i like the noodles with a little char from carmelization.

        * i say "presuming," because only in places where they do not have access to fresh rice noodles, they use dried ones -- so fresh is authentic in the dish. and i presume the recipe is written for the "real deal".

        bon apetit!

        more info:
        from this very useful site with tons of recipes and a glossary of thai cooking terms.

        pad, pat, phat means "Fry, fried", usually stir-fried
        pad kee mao means "Spicy Fried Noodles"
        pad see iw means "Fried Noodles with Soy Sauce"

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          Great links and info. Thanks! Guess I better cook them up tonight.

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              It was great. I threw together some ideas from several different recipes. Ground pork with savoy cabbage, grated carrot, the requisite garlic, ginger and scallion...sauce of soy, black bean sauce, oyster sauce, rice wine, chicken stock and lots of chili paste with garlic, thickened with a bit of cornstarch. I heated the wok on high and fried the noodles in oil for a minute, removed them, then cooked the rest and added the noodles back. The texture was great and it was quite tasty. Next time I'll add more noodles and will experiment with the ingredients. I think I'll be making these often.

              I also made a simple vegetarian chow fun for my veggie son. It was tasty, but a little bland. I'll work on making the sauce a little more complex, but again, it was satisfying. Thanks for the help!

              1. re: bear

                you are on a roll, bear! congrats on a great sounding dish!