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Oct 22, 2007 03:17 PM

Proposing in Asheville this weekend

We come to Asheville a lot and dine casually -- Early Girl, Salsa's, Corner Kitchen, etc. Never actually been to a "romantic/fine" restaurant in town. Any places you'd recommend for proposing to my girlfriend? We're not big on seafood, but we'd be open to anything else. Doesn't have to be as stiff as Gabrielle's or Horizon's. Just want a place with better than average food and atmosphere. Thanks!

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  1. I'd recommend Southside Cafe (unassuming on the outside, romantic and upscale on the inside) or Savoy (great service and feels like a place to propose). Best wishes!

    1. The Terrace at Grove Park is a nice setting, especially this time of year.

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        I agree! Plus it will be a great place to revisit each anniversary. I met my sweetie there, and we always revisit on that date. Very romantic...Best wishes & many joyful ( and flavorful, this is CH) years together!

        1. The Terrace at Grove Park is super romantic for sure - Congrats!

          1. Spots that strike me as romantic are Fig, Zambra (must be in one of the alcoves w/ pillows in the back of the restaurant), and - despite the food- the terrace at Grove Park.