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Oct 22, 2007 03:11 PM

Good Indian Food on the UWS?

I just moved to the UWS (96th/West End) and I loooove Indian food. I was hoping someone on this board might be able to recommend a couple of good - and reasonably-priced - places in the neighborhood?

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  1. With few exceptions, and as on sixth street, most Indian restaurants on the UWS seem to share a single kitchen. Not many differentiate themselves in any notable way and, in my opinion, should be chosen based on neighborhood convenience.

    1. Indus Valley on Bway and 100th street is fantastic. I developed a taste for top-notch Indian when living in London for a year. I've lived on UWS for 8 years and eat at Indus Valley a couple times a month.

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        co-sign on Indus Valley, easily the best Indian I've had here on the UWS.. and I ran into jazz legend Reggie Workman there once, which is a plus!

      2. Earthen Oven, 72nd St & Columbus which offers special chef from the South.

        1. It might be a bit too far for you, but I love Mughlai on 75th and Columbus. Order the Kerala Pepper Chicken!