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Oct 22, 2007 02:40 PM

restaurant week - where are you going?

upcoming restaurant week - where are you going?

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  1. Restaurant week WHERE? Hudson Valley Restaurant Week is not being held until next March (as opposed to November last year). Makes little sense to me given that they want to emphasize fresh ingredients, and there will not be any fresh local produce in March (unless you have a greenhouse like Blue Hills.

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      Long Island Restaurant Week
      November 4-11

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        Hi Bill, I'm helping to organize HV Restaurant Week again, and can guarantee that there most certainly IS plenty of fresh produce in March, and all restaurants will be provided a list of local purveyors who work with restaurants and what they carry. there are many farms now with greenhouses and high tunnels, and several restaurants are doing their own preserving already. There's a lot of effort going into the use of local produce, meats, cheese, etc, and it's really our main focus. I don't think you'll be disappointed. Lots of restaurants are already signed up! cheers

      2. yes, long island restaurant week

        1. 1. Jamesport Manor Inn
          2. Mirabelle
          3. Bayview Inn & Restaurant

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            Did RW at above 3 in reverse of order listed. I would say that quality of RW experience increased in order visited as well, ie. Jamesport Manor Inn being the best, then Mirabelle followed by Bayview Inn.
            Party of three at Bayview, 2 had duck breast w risotto, one short rib w polenta.
            All food was tasty but kind of just plopped on plate running together with some veggies.
            Short ribs were grizzly. Wines $9+/glass, bottles starting over $30, no vintages listed.

            Mirabelle 2 diners, 1 seared cod, 1 veal stew blanquette. Cod was good, veal tasty but tough/grizzly. Apps onion soup and lyonnaise salad were fine as were ginger tart and poached pear deserts. Portions here were most miniscule of three restaurants, service rushed and some confusion, place was jammed.
            Apparently they are continuing RW thru NOV 15.

            Jamesport Manor, best experience of the three. Careful, efficient service but not rushed.
            Good wine list with some decent drinkable under $30. 4 diners, 3 had hangar steak, 1 salmon, all very good, nice portions. Hangars were all ordered medium rare but one plate was significantly tougher than the other 2, just meat variation I guess. I think there were 5 entrée offerings and several deserts. Many of offered apps also appeared on regular menu in $8ish range. All in all a better experience since they didn’t cheapen down the menu offerings significantly from reg menu.

          2. Although I always feel like Restaurant Week is usually filled with struggling sub-par restauarants, there are a few that I might try to hit up this week, in this order:

            Honu (Huntington) ( I love this place)
            Four Food Studio (Melville)
            Jonathan's Ristorante (Huntington)
            The Gatsby (Islip) -- this place is a little cheesy, but romantic nonetheless

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              Looking at the restaurants that have been mentioned in this thread, I wouldn't classify any of them as sub-par or struggling. Most have been around for years and are highly regarded.

              In my opinion the problem you can run into with RW are restaurants that either cheapen-down the level of the offerings to way below their normal menu, or offer a few low-price items and then try to kill you with supplements. A place that does RW right earns my respect.

              There are also always a few participants where you could eat there most anytime for $21.95 so why bother with Restaurant Week.

            2. The original comment has been removed