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Fun treat ideas for the Fire Pit

We re-landscaped and installed a great outdoor fire pit in our garden.

It's been lots of fun but we're getting sick of smores.I would love to get more creative.

I know we could probably do many grilled dishes on the fire rather than use the BBQ but does anyone have any other ideas for treats that we can make while sitting around the pit after dinner?

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  1. In Girl Scout camp when I was small, we used to slice a banana open lengthwise, fill it full of marshmallows and chocolate chips, close it up, wrap in foil, and put it in the fire for a few minutes.

    This isn't new but it's a variation: a friend of mine says he makes s'mores with Caramellos instead of Hershey bars. I haven't had occasion to try it, but it sounds really yummy.

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      Don't forget the pb for the bananas! We didn't have it camping but I always thought that would be great w/ a scoop of ice cream.

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        I use Reese's on my S'mores. Caramellos sounds amazing too! I bet you could use any number of things...York peppermint patties?

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          We made smores with the Vosges bacon bar - actually good.

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            Same friend cooks pizza rolls over the fire when he's out camping. Not sure I'd necessarily recommend that, though.

        2. What about savory smores, as a dinner-meets-campfire activity.... you could grill pieces of meat or fish or cheese and have sliced open dinner rolls around to catch them as they cooked or melted... wow writing that made me hungry.

          1. you can get a chestnut roaster - tis the season.

            1. how about getting one of those pie irons and making fruit filled pies with filling and two slices of bread...

              be careful what you put over that pit, since meats and such will drip fat and make the pit quite a mess...

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                we called them hobo pies.

                some favorites were:

                peanut butter (& sometimes jelly)

                "pizza" - sauce, mozz and pepperoni


              2. Have you tried a popcorn popper basket yet?
                We've grilled fruit over the pit-pineapple & halved peaches worked the best

                1. We go camping a lot and always cook over the fire. Last year we cooked a Thanksgiving-ish dinner over the campfire - it was great! I loved the roasted banana/sweet potato mash. Plus everything tastes better when cooked outdoors.

                  We like fruit crisp cooked in a cast iron pan and often do that, but good old hobo dinners are great too.

                  1. I saw Ham on the Street fill an orange shell (cut the top off, scoop out the center) w/ dough, butter, cinnamon sugar, wrap it in foil and bake it in the fire. Sounds like a good cinnamon roll.

                    1. This might not be very CHish but you could try bannock...there are a number of variations - you might know it as Navajo Fry Bread. I think Alton Brown did a show involving fry bread awhile ago. It can either be made in a frying pan over the fire or made thicker and wrapped around a stick and roasted like you would marshmallows. The basic recipe and variations can be found here: http://www.for.gov.bc.ca/rsi/fnb/FNB....

                      1. Roast sweet potatoes in the embers...wrap well in foil, put on the edge of the fire. Takes anywhere from 20-40 minutes, depending on the heat of your fire. Roll it around every 15 minutes or so. Delicious w/butter & cinnamon, or lots of salt & black pepper.

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                        1. You should invest in a copy of William Rubel's book "The Magic of Fire", probably the foremost authority on hearth cooking. Not all the recipes may apply to a firepit (as opposed to a fireplace), but many, if not most of them will.

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                            Another good live-fire cookbook is "Let the Flames Begin" by Willoughby & Schlesinger.

                          2. Take canned crescent rolls and wrap them around a broomstick. Toast over the fire and then put butter, cinnamon, and sugar inside. YUM! You can do different variations using this method. Use pizza sauce along with toppings you can spoon in for a savory, chocolate pudding, if you can spoon it inside the roll, you can eat it.

                            1. SAUSAGES!!! (of course), apples, tomatos, onions, shallots, leeks, eggplant (though for this you need to make a dish later), fish

                              toast some bread

                              breadfruit - but you can't exactly get that easily (they sell it at Kings here in the Northeast sometimes)

                              medlars (once bletted - I want to try this after I order some) - http://www.chowhound.com/topics/452923

                              1. plantains, maybe parsnips?