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Oct 22, 2007 02:37 PM

Fun treat ideas for the Fire Pit

We re-landscaped and installed a great outdoor fire pit in our garden.

It's been lots of fun but we're getting sick of smores.I would love to get more creative.

I know we could probably do many grilled dishes on the fire rather than use the BBQ but does anyone have any other ideas for treats that we can make while sitting around the pit after dinner?

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  1. In Girl Scout camp when I was small, we used to slice a banana open lengthwise, fill it full of marshmallows and chocolate chips, close it up, wrap in foil, and put it in the fire for a few minutes.

    This isn't new but it's a variation: a friend of mine says he makes s'mores with Caramellos instead of Hershey bars. I haven't had occasion to try it, but it sounds really yummy.

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      Don't forget the pb for the bananas! We didn't have it camping but I always thought that would be great w/ a scoop of ice cream.

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        I use Reese's on my S'mores. Caramellos sounds amazing too! I bet you could use any number of things...York peppermint patties?

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          We made smores with the Vosges bacon bar - actually good.

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            Same friend cooks pizza rolls over the fire when he's out camping. Not sure I'd necessarily recommend that, though.

        2. What about savory smores, as a dinner-meets-campfire activity.... you could grill pieces of meat or fish or cheese and have sliced open dinner rolls around to catch them as they cooked or melted... wow writing that made me hungry.

          1. you can get a chestnut roaster - tis the season.

            1. how about getting one of those pie irons and making fruit filled pies with filling and two slices of bread...

              be careful what you put over that pit, since meats and such will drip fat and make the pit quite a mess...

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                we called them hobo pies.

                some favorites were:

                peanut butter (& sometimes jelly)

                "pizza" - sauce, mozz and pepperoni


              2. Have you tried a popcorn popper basket yet?
                We've grilled fruit over the pit-pineapple & halved peaches worked the best