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Oct 22, 2007 02:28 PM

Quiet-ish spot for a drink near City Hall park

Looking for a place near City Hall park to grab a post-work drink with a friend. Preferably somewhere not too loud, and not a sports bar. Something like a wine bar would be ideal. Hoping not to have to walk west into Tribeca.


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  1. Bin 220 on Front Street. Please note IMO it's overpriced and can be a scene on Thursday-Friday.

    1. Thanks, I've been meaning to check that place out sometime. But is there anywhere even closer to City Hall park. Like within 5 blocks?

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        If you walk through Southbridge Towers Courtyard or take the shortcut through 1 Police Plaza, Bin 220 is pretty close. There is a pretty nice restaurant in the Woolworth Building that has a bar and it might be quiet. I'd scope it out first. I think we went there for dinner during last year's Downtown for Dinner. Also there are the pubs - one on Beekman Street. Or you could walk over to the Millenium hotel across from Ground Zero. Hotel bars and lobbies are always nice but can be pricey.

      2. Azafran-77 Warren, just off W. Broadway- I can't recommend the tapas, but it would fit the bill for a drink.

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          Thanks for this suggestion. It looks perfect.

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            David W - almost forgot about Azafran, that's a good suggestion. I have been to Azafran a few times. A good choice for drinks if you go early. It seems overpriced (or maybe just because it's in TriBeCa). If they still have live music (Spanish guitar) it might be too much of a scene on that night.

          2. Sit at the bar at Petite Abeille on West Broadway and have a glass of Belgian Ale.