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Oct 22, 2007 02:25 PM

No Jackets Required

We'll be heading to NYC in a few weeks; we're looking for nice meal at a restaurant that's fairly upscale that doesn't require men to wear jackets. Hubby so does not want to pack a jacket for this trip. We're willing to spend around $200 for two, without drinks, and will be staying in the Upper East Side. Thanks for any suggestions!

PS. please ignore my mistake further down the board!

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  1. My vote would definitely be for Cafe Gray in the Time Warner Center, very nice atmosphere, great food, and no jacket required.

    1. Very few upscale restaurants require jackets. And $200 without drinks will get you a very fine dinner at many places. A few that I like:

      On the UES:

      Cafe Boulud -

      On the east side but further downtown:

      Eleven Madison Park -

      Fleur de Sel -

      Tocqueville -

      L'Impero -

      1. Many years ago I was taken to a small, very exclusive restaurant on the east side. I was informed that I had to wear a tie and jacket to enter, no exceptions. When I said that I didn't have either, the very "proper" hostess supplied me a jacket and tie that must have been rejects from a Salvation Army dumpster. As we continued waiting I saw a reflection in a mirror of the entrance to the kitchen and there I saw a bus boy (no tie or jacket) reach out and grab the backside of the very "proper" hostess, she didn't object to put it mildly. So I learned that to eat in a fancy place, wear a jacket, to have fun, bus tables!

        1. Thanks for all the suggestions, much appreciated.

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            Giovanni's Venti Cinque
            David Burke & Donatella

            Blue Plate Special: Very funny!

          2. Gotham Bar and Grill is also one of the better restaurants in town that doesn't require jackets.