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Oct 22, 2007 02:21 PM

Cut the Cheese! [moved from Home Cooking]

Not what you expected? ;D

This little page had some new info to me, and I thought you might enjoy seeing the cutting techniques and tools:

Also, what is the best cheese you ever had?
For me, Brin d'Amour that I got at Whole Foods. Subtle, tangy, earthy, herby. Simply luscious.

Check out this wonderful searchable reference for types of cheese:

Have a look, and tell me your favorite (and google image link, if possible, please!):

This is the Brin d'Amour:

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  1. my favourite cheese is a blue cheese rom the pyrennese called zelu koloria. I also really really like beaufort, beenliegh blue, wigmore and fleur de marquis.
    When I used to work in a cheese shop I found he hardest cheese to cut was a bright orange one that looks like volcano rock on the outside called Mimolette.

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    1. re: zelu koloria

      No kidding on the Mimolette! That's some dense stuff!

        1. One of my recent favorites is Bleu de Gex.

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              I never heard of this before, but the picture looks great. So I Googled and found this:

              Cipollini and Bleu de Gex Tart
              by Suzanne Goin
              of Lucques, Los Angeles, CA
              Serves 8 to 10

              Now I have a way to serve this. What a cheese course!!

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                yayadave: great recipe, great site. thanks for playing!

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                  I keep wanting to try her tarts and haven't yet - thanks for the link!

              2. My standby favorite is St. Agur - it's a lovely, creamy medium blue cheese that is just bliss in your mouth. The first time I had it I couldn't stop eating it. But this weekend I had a Shropshire Blue (from Neals Yard) for the first time (Scottish hard) and I think I found a new love (especially since it's about $8 a lb cheaper!).

                I don't get it, 10 years ago I was totally indifferent to blues, now they are irresistible.

                I do like the Mimolette (looks like cantaloupe!) but it's always sad and dry looking when I find it in the stores...guess there just isn't enough turnover.